Day 22 – Group Shots

Hello Apogee Nation! Sam here, back in the office and blogging away. One short week ago there were 13 trips in the field – today there are only five, with new ones starting and ending every day. These crews are scattered through the US (we can sadly no longer say the world, as both our international trips wrapped up today), from cool northern Vermont to hot, hot central Texas (and lots of places in between!). And, in an Apogee first, I think we have every single Apogee student currently on trip in a picture (some are, admittedly, easier to see than others…).

CI: Shannon and Drew led through group through the glorious bike paths of the Cape today to Wellfleet, where the group will spend the evening before catching some waves tomorrow on a long-anticipated day out of the bike saddle.  Here’s a shot of the gang enjoying a matinee of “Brave” after their ride today.

VM: After dropping off two leaders and ten students in Dorset last evening, we pulled our empty trailer away and saw nothing but a group preparing for a great two weeks in our rearview.  Full of smiles this morning, they had their first of hopefully many exceedingly successful days, where they crushed all of their miles before lunch, so they could dine lakeside at their campground.

DEX: Their first full day together, CC and Jack’s group summited their first mountain of several this trip, Mt. Megunticook. OK, for those who have been there, it’s more of a “mountain,” but it still counts, dang it!  A gorgeous view up top has spirits high, where they will continue to soar as they start sea kayaking tomorrow.

ACC1: As of today, Anna and David’s crew has biked more than half the way across the country! They reached Haskell, TX, their halfway point, this morning, and are, as we go to press, on their way in to Jayton this evening.  More of a safari than a bike tour, this group met their second ungulate friend today on the plains of Texas, although this one was hump-less.

ACC2: Rest day today, and not much sounds better than spending it lounging in an air-conditioned building.  The wind blowing in your face feels a whole lot better when you aren’t trying to ride through it! A breakfast of bacon, home fries and french toast got the day started right, and has been followed up by laundry, bike maintenance, and a good ol’ game of knockout. Below is a partial shot from today, followed by a group shot trying to hitch a ride on an oil rig yesterday. Hey, that’s cheating!