Day 22 – Another Day, Another Destiny!

I had promised that yesterday was likely to be the shortest entry of the summer, and here I am one day later, breaking my promise.   Today, friends, is likely to be the shortest entry of the summer — as I have pictures from only three groups!

We may have pictures from only three groups, but my goodness, it was a busy day around the fleet!   In Freeport this afternoon, our Downeast Explorer and two Coast to Quebec groups got underway — all in fine form, if I do say so myself.   Josh and Nora’s Downeasters were headed for Camden and a quick hike in the gorgeous Camden hills tomorrow before their four-day paddling adventure.   Our CQ’ers were keeping it local tonight — doing some safety rides and playing the obligatory, slightly awkward get-to-know-you games before setting off in earnest tomorrow.

CI: Here’s a shot of our guys on a picture-perfect day on the Outer Cape today.   Peter was kind enough to send me a shot of the group practicing on the beach rather the back-lit, glaring picture you would have received had they been on the water.   He said they had a great time and that the waves were “huge.”   Gnarly, man, gnarly.

VM: Big day of hills for these guys today!   A big chunk of their riding today was on “Blissville Road” — and let me tell you, my friends, whoever named that road had a twisted sense of humor!   That said, the group crushed the miles!   Here are several of our ninjas, having conquered Blissville Road…

NEMC: I actually got to stop by and see these guys today — what an awesome group of young people!   They did their service this afternoon with the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust at Crystal Springs Farm here in Brunswick.   I stopped through while they were on a break from weeding an onion patch — they were kind enough to include me in a highly competitive RPS Tournament (“Rock Paper Scissors,” for the unitiated…).   There was a swim planned for later in the afternoon before tomorrow’s Casco Bay sea-kayak.


ACC: Well, sometimes you get to make lemonade out of lemons — or pickles out of cucumbers, or something like that.   Our cross-country dynamos were held up for another day in Jacksboro, TX today after a nasty little bug swept through the group like a Texas wildfire.   The good news is that the bug seems to come on strong, but burns out very quickly.   We just spoke to Pete, it sounds like everyone is feeling much, much better.   After a little (OK, a lot) of help from the very, very kind folks in Jacksboro, they’ll be back on schedule tomorrow afternoon.