Day 19: Wednesday Friendsday

By: Jack Messerly and Izzy Janzen

This morning we made a decision for the day,

we’ve decided to craft the blog in a new way!

Today we’ll be writing everything in rhyme,

hopefully when you read you will have a fun time!

All of our trips are having a ball,

they did great things today and are enjoying it all!

Cape Cod and the Islands (CI2):

Volunteering with The Farm Institute today, but for our Capers it wasn’t all work and no play. After a morning of learning about farming and dirty knees, this crew had the day in Martha’s Vineyard to do what they pleased.


Oreo pie crust, whipped cream, and strawberry pie!
IMG_8761.JPG IMG_8740.JPG

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC1):

A morning on the water with paddles and boats, our NEMC crew spent the day laughing at inside jokes. After nine days together they can’t believe it’s almost done, but not before a trip to Portland for one more night of fun! A final pizza dinner out on the town, we can only hope it will prevent tomorrow’s goodbye frowns.


Vermont to Montreal A (VM2A):

A big 22 mile-day for our Montreal-bound bunch, but they conquered the hardest hill of the trip, aptly named “The Wall”, before lunch! A fist pump or two is well-deserved for this group of champs, as they are now enjoying some down time and a delicious dinner at camp.

photo photo 2

Vermont to Montreal B (VM2B):

You can’t miss VMB on the road today with their high-vis, neon gear. And if they were worried about the big hills, after today they have nothing to fear. A 16 mile-day where it was all up or down, Anna and Freddy reported strong legs, big smiles, and the highest spirits in town.

IMG_3624 IMG_3623

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX2):

A misty morning on the waters of Isle Au Haut Bay, our kayaking DEXer’s reported they had an epic day. On their way to camp, their private island awaits, while John and Erinn send word that spirits are high and “everyone is doing great!”


California Mountains and Coast (CMC):

For our CMCers, even a foggy morning couldn’t annoy – Matt and Midge reported that their crew was, literally, jumping for joy. And alas, this group got another amazing day of kayaking in Point Reyes. And before the day was done, their good spirits were repaid with a beautiful afternoon with lots of sun!

image1 image2

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Today the Caribbean celebrated a birthday, but also completed some hard work and a bit of play. They had cake and candles and tons of fun. And then they went to the beach and enjoyed the sun!

FullSizeRender IMG_9716

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

Montana biked with this beautiful view, they made it to Whitefish and the time really flew! They had fun on their bikes and enjoyed the blue skies, below you will see their big smiles and bright eyes. Here they will stay for one more full day- until they say goodbye and will sadly part ways.


Northwest Explorer (NWX):

Bald eagles, tropical blue water, epic views, what else will NWX find? Today they hiked to Eagle Cliffs, paddled to Guemes Island, and left their beautiful Cypress Island behind. But now warm showers and the Space Needle call their names – Will and Becca’s crew is Seattle-bound, for some end-of-trip games!

IMG_4253 IMG_4250 IMG_4252 IMG_4264

Pacific Coast A (PC1A):

PCA made it today! All the way to the San Francisco Bay. All along the coast they did ride, they did it on bikes and they really did glide. They did it with fun and they did it in stride, and now that they’re there they’ll celebrate with pride!


Pacific Coast B (PC1B):

What’s that in the background? Oh, that’s just the Golden Gate. It took over 600 miles, but these PCBer’s never had too much on their plate. They rode over hills and through redwoods, volunteering along the way, and now they’ve made it to San Francisco, the City by the Bay!

IMG_4554 IMG_4559

Alps Explorer A (AX A):

Today AXA started their day before the sun, they did with blue face paint to make it even more fun. They saw some cows grazing and had beautiful views, their feet must feel natural in their hiking shoes (boots)! It was the last day of the TMB- they made this hike look like a real cup of tea.

IMG_3710 (1) IMG_3713 IMG_3712 IMG_3714

Alps Explorer B (AX B):

Today AXB celebrates downtime in style, they had enough pizzas to make a huge pile. They enjoyed lunch and we heard it did rule, they even had time for a morning dip in the pool! Now they’re in Geneva to celebrate the last few days, they’ll enjoy their time in so many fun ways!

FullSizeRender (1)


Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

Today ECCA is resting, hooray! They did some relaxing and enjoying the day. They were in Schiltach which is in the Rhine valley, they did not just sit and dilly-dally. They explored and made the most of this beautiful town, they weren’t on their bikes but they loved walking around!


Europe Coast to Coast B (ECC B):

Today ECCB did what they usually do- they biked lots of miles so fast they basically flew. (104km!) Today they headed towards Schiltach, that’s right! Here they will spend two glorious nights. Tomorrow they’ll rest and explore the town- they’re be adventuring together and hanging around!

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Today ACC biked a big 95, they made good time and we’re sure they did thrive. Tomorrow they will have a day off, can’t wait! They can perhaps sleep in a tad late. They will eat and be merry and spend time together, they’re on the trip after all that they’ll remember forever!

ACC striking a pose. But which one is being struck, nobody knows.