Day 16: Feeling Toasty!

By Hannah Gensheimer & Her Friendly Colleagues

It’s a hot one up here in Maine today, friends! Rather than complain about the heat, however, let’s grab a cool piece of watermelon and check on our folks all around the world…

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE1): It’s a beautiful day to write a college essay! The MCCE crew started the day with a hike up Morse Mountain along the coast of Maine. After posing for a quick photo, the group headed down to the beach where they took a dip and had a picnic lunch. And they couldn’t have asked for a better day for it as it is 80 and sunny here in Maine! And yes – of course the group also did some writing. The group had an amazing afternoon doing a writing workshop with Jaed where they all spent time developing their essays. And in honor of National Ice Cream Day, the MCCE-ers are planning on finding a great place to enjoy an ice cream cone while watching the Maine sunset tonight.


New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC1): After talking with Andy and Julia, it’s clear our NEMC-ers are having an amazing adventure. The group had a great hike this morning which included a stream-crossing (as pictures show, it was highly enjoyed by everyone). And to top it all off, the group has reported three moose sightings in the past 24 hours! In the afternoon, the group is transiting to Maine where they will spend the second half of their trip. Everyone is looking forward to white water rafting tomorrow!

Moose prints!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA1): Our MSA group spent the day cycling on one of the most infamous, epic, and gorgeous biking routes our country has to offer – the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It was a SUPER early start for these riders as they packed up their tents in the dark (with the help of their headlamps), and were on the road by first light. It was the group’s longest ride, about 60 miles, but filled with the most awe-inspiring views throughout the entire day of riding. The group made great time – making it over the pass well before lunchtime. After an unforgettable day of riding, the group is looking forward to letting their legs rest up for the next few days before their final ride into Whitefish.

Northwest Explorer (NWX1): Today the Pacific Northwest crew enjoyed and extraordinarily well-deserved rest day. After emerging from a whopping six-day backcountry section, nothing says welcome back to civilization like enjoying a dinner on the town and some ice cream in the adorable town of Bellingham. Clean and smiling, these guys get to look forward to three magical days on the water in the San Juan islands up next!


Pacific Coast A (PC1A): It’s the home stretch! With only a few more days of riding, our PC1A crew was up very early, and knocked out a beautiful 49 miles, riding all along the California coastline. By now, these guys are strong and looking ahead to their final few days on the bikes. The next few days of riding only get easier as they approach San Francisco. Spirits are high, and the whole group is getting so excited to cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge.


Pacific Coast B (PC1B): It’s a day off of the bikes after a long ride yesterday for our PC1B-ers. Like most rest days, their day started with a slow morning – a long sleep followed by a big, scrumptious breakfast. The group then hopped on their bikes for a few mile ride into the gorgeous coastal town of Mendocino. They enjoyed a picnic lunch and the warm day as they explored the town. Believe it or not, these cyclists have only 3 more days of riding! Apologies – but no picture by press time.

Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX1): It was our SHX crews first taste of the High Routes today. The group worked hard today, getting in another 10 miles under their belt as they cruised through the beautiful landscapes (and they roared into camp before 1 PM!). As the miles tick down and they break their boots in more and more, we can’t believe how incredibly close they are coming to the final destination of their time on the Great Glen Way – Inverness!

Trying out their best Scottish brogues while playing Chubby Bunny. It’s not easy out there, folks.

Alps Explorer (AX1): Legs fresh after a day’s rest, Will and Becca’s crew had one of the biggest days of the trip today, and it didn’t lack any highlights. With Courmayeur in their rearview mirror, the gang finished trekking through the Val Ferret valley, climbed up about 1000m to the highest point of the Tour Du Mont Blanc at 2537m (about 8300 feet), crossed the Italian border back into Switzerland, and capped off an epic 14-mile day with a homecooked meal indoors in a quaint mountain hostel. All in a day’s work.

Is this picture even real?!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC): ECC cruised for 118 glorious kilometers today and made it to camp in great time. This was one of the longest days yet and they certainly took it in stride. They enjoyed lunch at this picturesque church in the town of Sommeilles en route to their resting spot for the evening in Bar-le-Duc. On to Paris demain!


America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): It was a sad farewell this morning as the group left the Walls’ home after an amazing two evenings and a great rest day yesterday. Feeling well-rested and ready to tackle their next stretch of road, they were up at first light to tackle another big 90-mile ride today. Hard to believe, but tomorrow they’ll cross into Texas!

America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): Ahhh… time for some major rest at the Walls’ home! The group made it to the Walls before 11 AM – giving them almost two full days of rest rather than one! It sounds like the group was eager for some pool-time as well as ready to refuel their bodies for their next stretch of riding with some delicious, homemade food. Hopefully the next 36 hours will be exactly what the group needs to prepare for the long days on the bikes ahead.