Day 16 – Salutations on a Sunny Sunday!

It’s been a sunny sunny day in Brunswick, Maine, and we have equally sunny updates from out in the field today!   As the busy Apogee season continues, Mia here as guest blogger once again.   Trips are wrapping up while others are beginning, and here comes the news:

CSA: We heard from Wyatt and Heidi, and they had an absolutely amazing time surfing today!   They loved their guide and had a blast!

DEX:   I saw Josh and Nora’s group at lunchtime today, and they are enjoying their last day together outside in the sun!   They had just finished eating and were heading out to go for a dip in Casco Bay before heading into Portland to explore before their final meal together tonight!   Here’s a shot from their final dinner table.

MSA: Anna and David’s group had an epic ride today!   Anna said they woke up and had hot cocoa with breakfast to help them get rolling early. These guys rode 55 miles today, from East to West Glacier and across the Continental Divide!   I talked to her as they were getting into camp, and she said the kids have agreed that today was their favorite day of riding thus far on the trip.   I’m sure that with 55 miles under their belt and a tasty supper, everyone will sleep well tonight.

PCA: Andy and Danika’s group had another beautiful ride down the coast today, and are loving life after a day of kayaking yesterday.   These guys crushed their mileage today, hitting the 40-mile mark by lunchtime!   Above is them en route today, and below is a shot from yesterday post-kayaking!

PCB:   Lucas and Anna’s group spent this afternoon sea kayaking on the beautiful Northern California coast!   I’m so sorry that again, I have no picture to post of these guys, everything is going really well, but the reception on the coast has been too spotty for them to send us anything over the past few days.   I promise that we’ll post a photo of them tomorrow!

CI2:   Peter and Julie’s group got into Martha’s Vineyard today in good time after playing a few rounds of mafia on the ferry.   They set up camp early and headed out on a ride to State Beach where everyone enjoyed an afternoon swim!

ACC:   Pete and Emily’s group left the Wall’s early this morning and saw a zebra and camel farm on their ride through Arkansas!   These guys crossed the border into Texas today, and they’ll spend the next several days trucking through the high plains.   Here’s a photo of the group having a delicious spaghetti dinner last night at the Wall’s house!

TSA:   These guys finished their riding today along the coast of the Mediterranean, and head to Rome to explore for a few days before their trip ends.   It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for this trip to wrap up!

CQ:   Our Coast to Quebec groups are loving their time in Quebec City!   Both groups went to a free cirque du soleil show last night, which won rave reviews!   Some of Laura and Pat’s crew got their faces painted during their traipsing around the city today, and all are looking forward to dinner tonight, I hear crepes may make an appearance…

Hannah and Shem’s group had crepes for breakfast, and watched a bunch of street performers today.   They walked the boardwalk together, and apparently a few of the girls had caricatures done.   They have a great dinner ahead of them this evening and will be on their way back to the states in the early morning!   Glad to see these guys have made some new friends during their time in Quebec…