Day 15: Lots of Sandwiches

Good evening, Folks.  Kevin here, making the rare solo appearance writing the blog.  

Chad, Chris, & Susie (our in-house, creative blogging experts) are out in the field today, and so you’re stuck with yours truly.  Two Vermont to Montreal trips started this afternoon, and Chad and Chris are currently shuttling kids from NH to VT to start their riding north tomorrow.  And Susie and our summer photographer, Garrett, joined our Maine’s Downeast Explorer trip today to climb Mount Katahdin.  Susie and Chad will be back tomorrow with much more entertaining and witty commentary!

Without further ado.   

CQ1A – Ben and Lizzie’s crew continue their push towards Quebec City.  Oui, Oui!  Today’s ride takes them along the River Chaudiere which feeds into the St Lawrence River.  Farm fields, rural roads, and Quebec baguettes for lunch.  Tomorrow is their last riding day of the trip!


These guys take safety seriously.  Notice the buckled helmets while eating lunch!  (I’m kidding by the way…it’s OK to eat lunch without wearing a helmet…or cycling gloves.)

photo 2

Here’s some of the group hittin’ (not literally) the rural roads of Quebec this morning.

CQ1B – Big day for Posie and Postyn – almost 60 miles.  I spoke to Posie last night, and she said the kids were psyched for the challenge day.  As of 5:30 PM, we’re still waiting and hoping for a picture.  If something comes through later we’ll post it.  But they, like CQ1A, has only one more day of riding to reach Quebec City!

VM2A & 2B – Not much to say, but they’re off to Vermont to start their trip!


VM2A loading into the van with Noah in the background (doing his best to look scary).


And VM2B loaded up, and west bound.

CSA – Big transfer day for the CSA crew.  Ferry from Vieques to the main island of Puerto Rico in the morning.  And then a van drive to the west side of the island and the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge.  Here’s a shot of the crew leaving Vieques on their ferry. 


DEX – John and Izzy’s group had to split their group into two sections to abide by Baxter State Park rules and climb Mount Katahdin.  Izzy and Garrett’s team of seven summited first, about 1 mile ahead of John and Susie’s crew of seven.  Here’s a couple of shots of the lead crew at the summit.


MSA – Garth, Kelly & Co. are in the heart of Glacier National Park, working with trail crews today.  Cell phone and data service is unfortunately spotty at best.  Kelly sent Susie a fantastic picture of the group a couple of days ago when they entered Glacier NP.  As soon as I can reach Susie (who’s also out of cell service at the moment in northern Maine), I’ll post it.

8:23 PM EST.  A rather back lit shot of the group entering Glacier NP on Tuesday!


PC1A – Ah yes.  Today was a much anticipated day of rest for the crew.  Sleeping in, eating big, and exploring nearby Mendocino were all on the day’s agenda.  Ally sent us some shots earlier today that she took on yesterday’s ride (which included crossing Leggett Mountain, the tallest point on their Pacific Coast trip!)

IMG_1002 IMG_0966 IMG_0936 IMG_0939 IMG_0934

Big hills call for BIG sandwiches!

PC1B – Team PC1B got up early and took on Leggett Mountain at the start of their day.  By 8:30 AM local time, they were over the hump and headed downhill towards the coast.  Here’s a picture of the group at the summit strutting their accomplishment and some ripped muscles.

photo 3

ECC – Another day in France for these guys as they travel west, north of Paris.  Over the next few days, the feel of the towns they pass through will become more and more Germanic…ecc

ACC1 – A rest day with our good friends, the Walls.  The Wall Family from El Dorado, AR has been hosting Apogee groups for 5 years now. One of the family members used to own the bicycle shop in town, and many of the family members love to cycle.  They open up their home to our ACC groups every summer, and take wonderful care of them.  It’s families like the Walls that make this journey across America so incredible for our kids.  They illustrate the goodness in people and inspire kindness in everyone around them.  


ACC2 – Last but not least, Mike, McKayla and the ACC2 riders crossed their 4th state line and the Mississippi River this morning.  They’re moving right along and are looking forward to a much shorter riding day tomorrow.

photo 11 photo 21  photo 2

Leaving behind the Mississippi Delta at first light this morning.