Day 15: Out of the Woods, On to the Beach!

By: Emily Sturtevant

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE):

Though these would-be Mark Twains and Jane Austens have been busy writing away, this trip isn’t all work and no play! Our MCCE group spent this morning hiking Morse Mountain, ending up at the beach where they got to enjoy this beautiful weather Maine is experiencing. In the afternoon they each had conferences with Jaed, then they’re now looking forward to spending the evening tweaking their masterpieces.

MCCE1 - Morse MT MCCE1 - beach

MCCE - ApogeeCouldn’t have written it out any better, ourselves!

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC):

NEMC is onto their last big day of hiking in New Hampshire today, so the group powered together and conquered Mt. Washington – at 6300 feet, the highest mountain in the northeast!

NEMC1 - WashintonLooks chilly up there!

Coast to Quebec A (CQ A):

Today is they day that the group has all been waiting for! After a slow start to the morning and a delicious hot breakfast, everyone walked around the city together and explored all that Quebec has to offer – including street performers, shopping, and delicious food! Tonight the group will enjoy their final meal together out in the city where they will be able to reminisce about their trip and they amazing feat they just accomplished.

CQA - Quebec


CQ1A - Quebec City

Coast to Quebec B (CQ B):

Congratulations, you guys made it! Today the group got to spend their final day together exploring the City and reminiscing about everything that happened these past two weeks, from the hills they conquered to the inside jokes they all share. After their day in Quebec, the group will share their final meal and their highlights of their trip together.

CB1B -  Quebec

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

Another day for service in Montana for this crew. Our group spent the day helping to keep Glacier National Park pristine and working hard to make sure that this national treasure is beautiful for everyone who comes to appreciate it. Tomorrow everyone saddles up as they ride the infamous Going to the Sun road. Though the ride will be challenging, it is gorgeous and nothing these kids can’t handle.

MSA1 - service

MSA1 - Glacier NP

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

Welcome back to the front country, NWX! The group today emerged smelly and proud today after five nights and around 35 miles of backpacking. The will celebrate with lots of food and a much needed shower. Tomorrow they will get to rest their legs before they dive into the sea kayaking portion of their trip. To make up for all the days without photos, here’s a veritable smorgasbord!


Pacific Coast A (PC A):

Happy rest day, PCA! After sleeping in and having a warm breakfast, the group had a chance to explore near by Mendocino. The group got to enjoy resting their legs and shopping in the town together. Only four more days (and over 150 miles!) until they reach their final destination, San Francisco! No picture as of press time, but all reports are great!

Pacific Coast B (PC B):

Another big day for our west coast group! Today they had a 60-mile ride that included Leggett Mountain, a four-mile climb that ascends 1,100 feet, and Rockport Hill, an entirely separate two-mile climb that ascends 700 feet! As a reward for their efforts the group will have a rest day in Mendocino tomorrow before the final push to San Fran.

PCB - Coast PCB - Coast

Alps Explorer A (AX A):

Today our AXers enjoyed a true rest day. To celebrate their accomplishments the group took a bus to Courmayeur where they were able to explore and eat real Italian pizza before crossing back into Switzerland.

AXA - rest day

AXA - yogaGetting ready for tomorrow’s hike!

Alps Explorer B (AX B):

Another big day for these rockstars. This morning the group reached the Col de Grande Ferret, which is the highest point (the “Apogee,” as it were…) of the TMB. Shortly after that they crossed into Switzerland where they enjoyed a bonanza of flowering meadows, glacial streams, and wooded hamlets – in other words, a quintessential idyllic Swiss vista!

AXB - Apogee AXB - jumping

AXB - summit“A X B…”

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECC A):

After two days of rest, our European travelers were off again! The group will had a long day riding through rural France today to the small city of Nancy – but nothing that they can’t handle! They will have the chance to take a refreshing tip in their campsite’s pool.

ECCA - France

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECC B):

After spending the morning in Paris where they enjoyed a breakfast of the local specialties the group is back in Bar-le-Duc where they will be spending their afternoon resting and relaxing together before they hit the saddles again. Here are some more shots from their Paree visit – a couple from yesterday and a couple more from today’s pre-departure visit to Sacre Coeur.

ECCB - Paris ECCB - Locks ECCB - Eiffle Tower ECCB - Paris

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

After getting into El Dorado yesterday at 9:15 am (!) the group is taking the day to rest and refuel with the Wall family in western Arkansas. Today’s adventures included everything from swimming to napping to a jam sesh and of course included lots and lots of delicious meals. Tomorrow, they’ll start in on Texas – the longest stretch of the entire trip!

ACC - music ACC - pool