Day 14: Another Day, Another Destiny!

By: Emily Sturtevant

We are two weeks into our summer now, and boy, did they just fly by! Happy weekend to those of you at home – there’s no better way to celebrate the summer than with a frosty age-appropriate beverage and your own copy of the Apogee blog!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE):

Another busy day of college prep for our MCCE crew! This morning the group visited nearby Bowdoin college for an interview-skills workshop with admission staff. They then spent the afternoon working on their essays on the campus – no better inspiration than a beautiful college, right (Go, Polar Bears!)? In the evening Rhia, Miles and the group have some time off from all the work to relax together.

MCCE - quad 3 MCCE - quad 2 MCCE - quad IMG_8144

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC):

Another stellar day for our hikers today as they explored Arethusa Falls. Isa, Aaron, and company had an amazing hike today and even had time to explore North Conway as a group and enjoy a bit of ice cream!

NEMC1-falls NEMC1-falls NEMC - ice cream

Coast to Quebec A  (CQA):

Welcome to the city CQA! These troopers had a long day into their hostel, but by now they were more than ready for the challenge. The group enjoyed riding on bike paths adjacent to the St. Lawrence River before taking a ferry across to the city where they conquered their final hill together! Now they can sit back, relax, and enjoy Quebec as a group. No picture as of press-time, but we’ll get one up ASAP!

Coast to Quebec B (CQ B):

Not only did this group make it into Quebec City, but they also completed their longest day of riding on the trip (65+ miles, baby!)! After their ride along the St. Lawrence River, they group boarded the ferry into the city where they faced the last, and arguably the steepest, hill of Coast to Quebec before making it to their hostel for the night. Tomorrow, everyone will have a chance to explore the city before their last big dinner out on the town.CQ1B - Quebec

CQ1B - Canada

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

Today our Montana travelers completed their first day of community service at Glacier National Park. While the group has enjoyed being able to give back, they also had time to themselves where they were able to appreciate the natural beauty that now surrounds them. Though we were unable to get any pictures from today, here is one from yesterday’s ride! [Ed. Note: the cell service on the east side of Glacier NP is, unfortunately, terrible. We’re not likely to get a new pic from our Montanans until Sunday.]

MSA1 - Glacier

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

Our NWX team is completing their last full day day in the back country, which also happens to be their longest hike of the trip, and by now this group is more than ready to take on the challenge ahead of them! Tomorrow they will hike back into the front country where they will enjoy all its comforts including, of course, pizza, showers, and cell service. And we, patient blogees, should have lots of pictures to check out!

Pacific Coast A (PCA):

Another challenging day today for our west coasters, but nothing that they can’t handle! Along the ride they conquered the highest climb along the Pacific Coast between Canada and Mexico, a four-mile hill that ascends 1,100 ft, which is no small feat. As a reward for their efforts the group will enjoy a rest day tomorrow where they can sleep in and explore Mendocino.
PC1A - Challenge Day

PC1A - leaders

Don’t worry, mom & dad – your child is in good hands with these two!

Pacific Coast B (PC B):

Today was a hot one for our Californians as they left their beloved ocean breeze and redwoods and headed inland for the day. Water intake and spirits were high as they group conquered their day. Once into camp, there’s no better way to cool down after a day on the bikes than a swim!PC1B - redwoods

PC1B  -Avenue of the Giants

Big trees!

Alps Explorer A (AX A):

With bellies full after a delicious meal up the ol’refugio last night, Noah, Emma and the gang worked their knees as they walked back to Courmayeur today. Real Italian pizza and a (planned) rest day are on tap for tomorrow!


Alps Explorer B (AX B):

Our explorers are back at it today after their own rest day in Courmayeur. Yesterday they refueled with fresh bread from their campground and a café in Courmayeur and now are back on the TMB where they will enjoy their last day in Italy before crossing the border back into Switzerland tomorrow (what goes around, comes around, eh?)! Tonight they will enjoy another night in a rifugio, which means beds and another four course meal.

AXB - bread

AXB - cafeMolto sofisticato, amici!

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECC A):

After their busy day exploring the City of Lights and spending the morning in a real Parisian café, Kirk, Jeanne, and their newly-bereted amis hopped on the train back to Bar-le-Duc, Eiffel Tower souvenirs in tow. Here they were able to enjoy a more laid-back afternoon off where they could rest their legs before saddling up again tomorrow. Pictures demain!

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECC B):

Aujourd’hui, notre groupe est à Paris! No better place to enjoy a rest day than in this iconic European city full of history and French culture. This crew enjoyed all that the city had to offer, making it a busy day for sure! We’ll all try not to be too jealous of their crêpes and croissants over here in the office.ECCB - Pano

ECCB Louvre ECCB - site seeing ECCB - Paris

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Our ACC crew biked into another rest day today! After a relatively mild 50-mile ride, they made it into their home for the night by 12:30 9:15 am (Correction thanks to Mia – this crew got in faster than any previous group)! The will spend the next day resting up and eating well with the legendary Wall family, who have taken us in year after year. We are beyond grateful for all that they do for us – thank you again, Walls, you guys truly deserve the kudos tonight!

ACC - Arkansas

Yesterday’s border crossing – welcome to Arkansas, ACC!

ACC - Sun

ACC - Ferry Crossing the mighty Mississippi!