Day 12: The Gyre Turns!

Today is a big day in the world of Apogee as three trips come to an end, several groups working on exciting service projects, and our long-distance groups making great progress. For us here at HQ, it means a flurry of excitement! We get to greet our successful leaders and hear stories from trip, check in with groups on their days off, and wait eagerly for fantastic photos from some of the biggest moments on trip. Yesterday I (Susie) got to connect briefly with DEX and CQ B, and today I saw NEMC A as they said their goodbyes. Seeing (even if briefly) some of our New England crews doing so well together was awesome, and I can tell from the pictures that it’s going just as great further afield (though I would love to visit everyone!). 

On to the photos!

CI: Cape and Islands wrapped today! I just saw Noah and Rosa here in the office and they looked happy and well-sunned. Somehow in the flurry of the trip pickup, we forgot to get a picture! Alas, the students have probably already arranged complete slideshows of their fantastic time on the Cape and Islands. Until next time!

NEMCA: NEMC also came to an end today, unfortunately. When I went by the campground to take one student to the airport, everyone looked at me woefully pleading that I not take away their friend! I loved seeing such close friendships! These guys had a fantastic last few days; here’s a group shot at the end of the trip:


NEMCB: NEMC B also had a great trip end. Here’s a couple shots of the crew on their last night in Portland, hanging out and enjoying some cool lemonade and local sodas while waiting for their well-earned meal. Three cheers for our side!



VM: Now that our Vermonters have reached Montreal, they are kickin’ it in the city and having fun before the drive back tomorrow. From the looks of these pictures, the Apo students are really getting into the history, culture–I mean–shopping in Montreal. Looking good! We can’t wait to hear all the good stories from trip!

vm1 vm2

Super-smooth, lads!


We just got a call from Ben who reported that the group made it safely to Jackman, Maine! This is a huge step for the group–the 55 mile ride from Greenville is remote and beautiful, and now the crew gets to take a day off the bikes and enjoy some whitewater on the Kennebec! Unfortunately there is no service up in Jackman, but we’ll get some photos once they cross the border! Life’s good!

CQB: I stopped by Dexter last night after driving a shuttle for the DEX group up in Baxter–you gotta take a bathroom break somewhere, right? I surprised Posie and Postyn’s group and they were doing great. They had some ice cream sandwiches on hand and had just done some laundry. Here are some shots from the ride up to Greenville today–a bit damp, but happy!

cqb1 cqb cqb2

CSA: Well, folks, sometimes pictures just speak for themselves:


Rainbow during last night’s paddle…


Service with a smile – that’s Apogee!

csa1 csa2

DEX:  Making a surprise cameo on today’s blog – our DEXsters!  Izzy sent this shot in from Maine’s beautiful backcountry this morning, reporting strong morale and great hiking!  They’re walking north towards Baxter State Park and Mount Katahdin (which Izzy tells me we should be able to see in this picture – she’s got better eyes than I do, though….).  


CMC: Our Californians are in San Francisco, almost done! They’ve done their community service portion and are now hanging out in the city, enjoying their time together before final goodbyes and flights tomorrow. All good things come to an end! Here’s a shot of the service project, plus one of the girls displaying the newest fashion: hiking boots and marvel comics sweats! 

IMG_3561 IMG_3231

PCA:  Here’s the news from Ally today: “Awesome day yesterday! The group our first 60 mile day. Campground at Humboldt State is without a doubt the coolest campsite I’ve ever stated at. Our tents are nestled under and in between towering redwoods and honkin’ stumps. It’s incredible to awake and look up at these massive guys. Today is off and we are doing community service transplanting redwood trees at the greenhouse on site. Here are some pics of kids biking yesterday and service today. They are wacking dirt from the roots and to celebrate we will have dirt (pudding worms and Oreos) for dessert!”

IMG_0858 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0868 IMG_0876 IMG_0857

PCB: Mia and Jeremy’s group enjoyed a great day off the bikes in Eureka, California today. They were working on a service project at the Food for People food bank. They loved working with the folks there while giving their legs a little break before the next leg toward San Francisco!


MSA: Our Montanans have made it to Browning! They have no cell reception good enough to send pictures, but they had their community service day on the reservation and can’t wait to head toward Glacier! I’ve checked the status, and Going to the Sun is open and clear for riding! Logan Pass awaits, and the group is rightfully stoked.

ACC1: Alexis and Nick’s group is in for the night, albeit with no photographic evidence. They are absolutely crushing their miles and will cross the mighty Mississippi tomorrow! Go west, young man! (AND women!)

ACC2: I got a text from Mike today: “smoked chicken for lunch and dinner!” Sounds good to me! ACC2 will cross into Mississippi tomorrow, and it looks like they’ve got plenty of good food in their bellies to make it across the state line! Here’s some proof, plus a few shots from the road. 

IMG_0152 acc23 acc22 ACC1

ECC: Ahhh, la vie est belle! Especially with baguettes! Our ECC crew is just living it up in France–and soon they’ll be in Paris! Here is a shot of the group displaying their best baguette-toting skills: