Day 10: Keeping It Real!

By: Most people in the office today!

Surprise, surprise, today was another magnificent day on Apogee turf all over the globe. We had a day of big descents, long miles, big waves, endless games and more. This is the royal “we” of course…

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI): Our crew on the Cape had their big challenge day today – 24 miles! These troopers were up to the challenge, and are currently resting their (probably very sore) legs at camp in Provincetown. They should be very proud of themselves after such a big day, and tomorrow, Kevin and Alyssa’s team is going to enjoy a roof over their heads in Boston. It seems hard to believe that these CIer’s only have one more day of riding! Check out some of their gnarly surf pictures from yesterday:

Surf’s up! Or is it hang loose? Whatever, they had a gnarlicious time!


Taking a dip in the chilly cape water yesterday!

Vermont to Montreal (VM): Over 50 miles from the US border already, our Vermonsters are one step closer to their Canadian destination. After a short, but beautiful day of riding, they got into camp early and are busy putting the final tune ups into their bikes and cooking up a delicious meal before their biggest day of the trip tomorrow. They’re so close they can almost taste the poutine… We’ll get pictures from Montreal tomorrow!

California Mountains & Coast (CMC): After a long drought of pictures (pun fully intended), Matt and Midge’s Californians are out of the stunning Yosemite back country and back into civilization – and showers. But it was not without a trip to the world-famous Yosemite Valley early this morning. They described their experience as “stunning,” among other adjectives that will make us all jealous. But without further adieu, a plevy of pictures of our CMCer’s in Yosemite National Park!

image1 (4)

Even way out in Yosemite, they brought their American pride for the fourth!

image3 image2 (1)


Truly not sure what’s going on here….

image3 (1) image2

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Emily and Thomas’s group are planting and cleaning with the Reach for Success organization working on a local fort to help make a park! In the afternoon the group enjoyed some splendid beach time and is resting up for another big day of work tomorrow!



Coast to Quebec A (CQA):

Rosa and Kyle report that the group finished 40 miles before lunch! Apparently the group was so excited about this spectacular rock skipping spot that they enjoyed their lunch here and relaxed along the water.


Coast to Quebeb B (CQB):

The group had a hot day on the road today but they stayed fueled and hydrated and were ready to crank out the last ten miles towards Greenville after lunch. No problem!

IMG_0027 IMG_0026


We know you all wanted to see Zack up close and personal… Who are we to keep that from you??

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX A):

Out of the backcountry! Looks like Katahdin is next, off to get some well-earned pizza and check out the waterfalls around Katahdin before the big day tomorrow! Everyone is very excited and feeling great!

image1 (3)

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX B):

Today is the groups first day of kayaking and island camping! Below we have some pictures of the crew before Katahdin and also the crew getting ready to head out on the water. The next few days will be full of beautiful, serene paddling and also helping keep some of Maine’s finest islands clean and clear through community service.

photo 1

getting ready for their first day of island paradise!

photo 2 (2)

Our fearless leaders…

photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (1)

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

According to Annika the group had a great day on the bikes! Unfortunately they have been in a tough cell service zone and have tried repeatedly to get their apparently beautiful, pictures through to us but to no avail. We have confirmation that all is well, parents should expect calls home tonight and the group will continue tomorrow to cruise North up the front range of the Rockies. Epic!

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

This group was loaded up with sweet treats after picking up their mail today. They had plenty of fun snacks and entertainment to keep them busy on their ride to their trail head. Today the group hiked into the North Cascades, beginning their first day of 6 in the back country. This beautiful trail will show them fantastic views, wild flowers and hopefully even some wildlife! IMG_4108

Pacific Coast A (PCA):

A beautiful ride for PCA today! The crushed a significant chunk of their mileage before lunch and had an exciting arrival in Eureka! They’re excited to have not only a day off tomorrow but also apparently a pool and a hot tub at their campsite! Ooh, yeah! Pictures tomorrow – even more ooh, yeah!

Pacific Coast B (PCB):

Below is the group this morning getting ready for a hilly day in the Redwoods! The group had a seriously beautiful ride today and confronted some beastly hills. The group is in great spirits and made great time today!

IMG_6899 IMG_6900

Alps Explorer A (AXA):

AXA is on schedule and made it to Les Houches. Today included some more epic views and also the biggest descent of the entire Tour, down into the world famous, quaint skit town of Chamonix. Another unbelievable day to be in the Alps.


axa11.Seriously! Is this even real?!


Alps Explorer B (AXB):

Today our AXBers were held up by some administrative wrinkles on the TMB. They are currently residing in Les Houches. Everyone is happy, in great spirits, and enjoying each others company. AXB parents should expect an email from Chad tomorrow regarding some slight itinerary changes. Again, all happy and healthy, just back in Les Houches for the moment!

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

As you can see below ECCA enjoyed a some indoor fun and recreation as well as a beautiful sunset. The group made great time on their 65 km in the saddle today and are now happily snoozing under the castle walls in Chimay, Belgium!

Ecc8 ecc8


Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

The group is in the vicinity of the Tour de France route this evening around Le Quesnoy, France- exciting for them! Their plan is to wait for their moment and just hop right on course and try to keep up- just kidding! The group completed 83 km today with ease and are soundly sleeping as we speak. Unfortunately no pictures today, but hopefully plenty tomorrow!

America Coast to Coast (ACC): 

Today ACC cruised 70 miles on to Aliceville, Alabama. Tonight they have a cozy indoor spot that includes a notoriously well-stocked game room. Twister? Monopoly? Who knows what they’ll get up to!