Holiday Hoodies and Hats – Happy Hallothanksukahmas!

Like you, your friends at Apogee scoff when we see the holiday decorations out before Labor Day at our local big box store. Because of that, we’re a little sensitive about the fact that we’re putting our holiday hoodies and hats out before the trick or treaters have taken all of the Almond Joys from the plastic Jack-o-lantern. Please forgive us – Hannukah is really, really early this year! (As a brief aside, Hannukah will, apparently, never start before Thanksgiving again – or at least not for another 70,000 years…)


So – without further ado – we’re delighted to unveil this year’s Holiday Hoodie – it’s the very same hoodie issued to our leaders in advance of the summer season. If you want the casual, yet refined, look of our (if we do say so ourselves) exceptionally good-looking leaders, you’ll need one of these 100% cotton American Apparel hoodies in a rich Truffle color.  

Comfortable and debonair, these hoodies are the go-to item in all of our wardrobes — perfect for that post-long-day-on-the-bike-saddle wardrobe choice, or just to wear to school on a chilly Tuesday. We’re happy to say that this year’s ApoHoodie is available for $48, shipping included. Sizes run from XS to XXL. Note that the hoodies are unisex and tend to run a bit on the small side, so you may want to order up a size.  Our gorgeous models come in, as you will see, all shapes and sizes – and the hoodie looks terrific on all of them! 

And — our public has asked and we have listened! We want you to be the coolest cat at the soccer game, underneath the palms, or at the farmer’s market – and you will be when you sport our rugged, Apogee Ball Cap. Perfect for kids and parents alike, the hippest stocking stuffer in the land will be yours for a mere $20, shipping included. The ball cap is in a charcoal color with white embroidery and it is unisex and unisize. You’ll see shots of Hannah, Shem, and young Apo modeling below.

TO ORDER:  To order your own hoodies and hats, just send Chad an email at or call us anytime at 207.725.7025. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  If you’d like yours by the start of Hanukkah, please place your order no later than Wednesday, November 6. All other orders will be accepted through December 5.

Apogee Leaders Looking AwesomeCouple of notes here:  1 – we made our own Apogee mountain!  2 – Yup, John really is that tall and his mustache is really that awesome.

Apogee's Own Shem and Hannah

See – suave, sophisticated, comfortable – the ApoHoodie…

Super-secret NSA agents en route to Angela Merkel’s house or Apogee superstars? You decide.

Hannah says:  “Sure, I’ve got other hats, but me, I choose Apogee.”

Shem says:  “Want to look as good as me? Step one, find yourself an Apogee ball cap…”

Milk-sipping 2.75 year-old says:  “Mommy gives me more hugs when I wear my Apogee ball cap!”

If you made it this far, we’ve got a couple of other short notes for you:

  • The Early Bird Special continues for another couple of weeks – remember that you will receive a $250 tuition reduction when you apply before November 15.

Thanks so much – hope to hear from you soon!