Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast


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Pickaxe & Shovel
Trip Highlights
  • Bike the coast lines of Oregon & California
  • Surf northern California
  • Volunteer in Redwoods National Park
  • Explore San Francisco
Pacific Coast Route Image
Trip Details
  • Trip Start: Eugene, OR, USA
  • Trip End: San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Age Range: 14 - 17
  • Trip Dates: 7/01-7/20, 7/25-8/13
  • Tuition: $3895
    (airfare not included)

Experience the best of the Pacific Coast! On this amazing cycling trip your group will pedal along the famously beautiful coasts of Oregon and California. Miles of beaches and bluffs, endless ocean vistas, ancient redwood forests, and rolling farmlands…these are the scenes that make the Pacific Coast one of the most spectacular bicycle routes in the world. Along the way, you’ll also take a surf lesson on a California beach and lend a helping hand on a service project in Redwoods National Park. Three weeks and 600 miles later, you’ll beam with pride as your group crosses the Golden Gate Bridge, the final jewel in your crown on this exciting point-to-point, biking adventure.

Oregon Coast & Surfing

We’ll meet in Eugene and transfer west to the Pacific Ocean and Florence, Oregon. Heading south from there, we’ll wind our way down the Oregon coast, past sandy beaches with rolling waves and giant rock formations. Nights will be spent in state parks right on the water’s edge. Shortly after crossing into California, we’ll spend an exciting day off our bikes taking a surf lesson with professional instructors near Crescent City.

California Redwoods

Our route takes us along California’s meandering Lost Coast, and into the majestic redwood forests. Pedaling along the famed “Avenue of the Giants,” we’ll be humbled by these ancient, towering trees. National Park Rangers will lead us in a rewarding, day-long volunteer project, before we continue south on Route 1. We’ll follow this scenic stretch of road past small towns and salt water farms, and take a day off our bikes along the way to explore the charming, seaside village of Mendocino.

San Francisco

A few more days of riding bring us to our final destination, beautiful San Francisco! Spirits will soar as we see the Golden Gate Bridge stretch out before us and lead us across the bay to this great city. After spending our last full day together exploring the sights of San Francisco, we’ll enjoy a festive farewell dinner at one of the city’s great restaurants to celebrate the many accomplishments of our amazing journey.


This is a moderate trip with some challenging sections, but is well within the range of any reasonably fit and motivated participant.

DAILY MILEAGE: 45 (average)


To check trip availability, please call 207-725-7025, or email for more information.