Coast to Québec

Coast to Québec


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Pickaxe & Shovel
Trip Highlights
  • Cycle the Maine coast
  • Volunteer in rural Maine
  • Raft the Kennebec River
  • Explore Québec City
Coast to Québec Route Image
Trip Details
  • Trip Start: Freeport, ME, USA
  • Trip End: Quebec City, QC, Canada
  • Age Range: 14 - 17
  • Trip Dates: 6/30-7/14, 7/30-8/13
  • Tuition: $3195
    (airfare not included)

What if we promised you biking along the spectacular coast of Maine, rafting on the wild Kennebec River, moose spotting, stargazing, and the opportunity to try out your French in a foreign city? You’ll do all this and more on our exciting Coast to Québec trip. This goal-oriented bicycling and rafting trip will have you exploring the back roads of both coastal and inland Maine, making great new friends as you go. Whether cooking meals together or working on a community service learning project, your group will bond with each day’s adventure. Together you will cross the Canadian border and make your way to historic Québec City, the grand finale of this amazing journey!

Maine & the Kennebec River

Our group will meet in Freeport, Maine where we’ll spend the day getting familiar with each other and our gear, and learn safe riding techniques. In the morning we’ll pack up camp and hit the road “downeast,” riding along Maine’s famous, island-dotted coast. On a day off, we’ll spend time working on a service project in a small Maine community. We’ll then leave the coast and head inland for the great Maine woods and the Kennebec River, which we’ll raft for a day with professional guides.

Canada and Québec City

Crossing the border into Canada, we’ll follow back roads to the charming city of Québec. As we navigate narrow cobblestone streets and hear French spoken, we’ll feel as though we’ve just pedaled into old Europe. We’ll spend two nights and a day exploring this vibrant city and celebrating our international adventure.


Apogee will provide a courtesy van transfer from Québec City back to Freeport at trip’s end. This is a moderate trip with some challenging sections, but is well within the range of any reasonably fit and motivated participant.

DAILY MILEAGE: 40 (average)


To check trip availability, please call 207-725-7025, or email for more information.