Most Recent Substantive Updates: September 26, 2023

We are very much looking forward to running our 2024 programs in a manner that creates worthwhile and fun experiences for our students and staff while responsibly managing the risks associated with Covid-19 and its transmission. We will publish our Covid/Flu-like Illness policy for the 2024 season in the Spring, but our policy is likely to be similar to the approach we took in the summer of 2023. We were able to run all of our programs last summer with no significant disruptions due to Covid or other flu-like illnesses. Our 2023 Covid/flu-like illness policy is listed in the form of questions and answers below.

2023 Covid/Flu-like Illness Policy

Will my child need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to participate in an Apogee program in 2023?

We strongly encourage, but do not require, all students to be vaccinated and boosted against Covid in the summer of 2023. Additionally, we encourage all students to arrive at their Apogee program with fully up-to-date childhood vaccinations and a current-season flu shot.

Families should note that individual destinations and jurisdictions may have more stringent entry and exit requirements with regard to Covid vaccination and testing than Apogee’s.

Will Apogee’s staff be vaccinated against Covid-19?

Yes. Due to requirements at our Leader Training facilities, all of Apogee’s Staff members will need to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

Will my child need to be tested for Covid-19 before their Apogee program?

No, we are not requiring pre-trip Covid-19 testing in the summer of 2023.

Will Apogee students need to wear a face covering or physically distance while on trip?

If symptomatic, yes. While the current Covid-19 variants are mild for the vast majority of infected young people who have previously been vaccinated, they are, unfortunately, highly contagious and easily spread in congregate settings. Accordingly, we will likely take a symptoms-based approach to masking, and will ask students with symptoms of Covid or another flu-like illness to wear a face covering when in congregate settings (e.g., in a van).

What will trigger a student or staff-member to be tested for Covid-19 while on trip?

If a student is feeling sick with a flu-like illness and is unable to participate in the day’s activities, they may require a visit to a local clinic. If a student visits a clinic because of symptoms of a flu-like illness, they will likely be tested for Covid.

What happens if a student or staff-member tests positive for Covid-19 during an Apogee program?

We will take a symptoms-based approach to Covid cases, consistent with our protocols for other flu-like illnesses. In general, if the case is mild and the student is able to continue to participate in daily activities (e.g., hiking, biking, etc.), the student will likely be able to stay on trip. If they do stay on trip, they may be isolated into their own tent until at least five days after the onset of symptoms and will be asked to wear a mask in congregate settings. If the student is unable to participate in daily activities for more than one or two days, however, we may require the student to return home.

How do I stay informed about Apogee’s decisions around 2023 programming with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic?

We will be assessing and making programming decisions as circumstances warrant. We will do our best to keep our enrolled families informed in a timely manner through email and with regular updates to this webpage.