Updates from Leader Training

It is a beautiful summer day up here in mid-coast Maine — the sun is out, a gentle breeze is pushing the leaves around, and the crowds are enjoying the “Taste of Brunswick” on the town common.   While it may be all fun and games out in town, it’s busy, busy, busy in the land of Apogee!   Our 2011 summer leaders arrived on Tuesday and have been putting in fourteen-hour days absorbing information and learning skills in advance of their trips.   While there’s been a lot going on, it’s been such a great time — these guys are fantastic and they’re all so excited to get out on the trails and roads all over America starting as soon as next Saturday!   Here are a few action shots from the last few days….

Here’s a shot of some of our hiking leaders learning the ropes in the Bowdoin Pines.

Pete and Emily – this summer’s America Coast to Coast leaders – testing out this summer’s tents.

And finally, here’s an action shot from the judging portion of last nights cut-throat Iron Chef competition.