Day 35: To the Top!

Hi, All! Manning today’s blog helm you have a slightly tired Chris…slightly tired from hiking up Mt. Katahdin yesterday with John and Izzy’s amazing DEX group! Thanks, guys!

Today we have trips everywhere, some in the middle of their adventures, some close to the end and a select few at the beginning. Having this many peeps getting close to achieving their huge summer goals, be it riding across the country or completing a first backpacking trip, planting as many trees as possible on a Puerto Rican island or getting all the way from New England to Canada, reminds me of a chorus line heard often throughout leader training week here in Brunswick: “WHO ARE WE? APOGEE! WHERE ARE WE GOING? TO THE TOP!”

So, without further pause…we are Apogee. And in this blog we give you the photographic evidence of kids growing, striving, working hard and getting to the top. 

CI: All of that biking has left CI with some ripped…arms?  These guys worked their arms and legs today – they had a great afternoon of service at Martha’s Vineyard’s FARM Institute.  Regardless of the muscles used on the bike, we are quite sure that Laura and Kirk’s group are working out their Zygomaticus major..the muscle primarily responsible for smiling. It’s beautiful on the cape and life is good!nemc

NEMC: Now THAT’S a perfect place to take a dip! Phil and Emma’s crew are doing it right in The Forks (yep, that’s the name…not a typo) Maine.  Rafting tomorrow!

ResizedImage_1375290157340Nice leis, guys…

VMA: Universal rule number one: Food always tastes better when eaten outdoors…and it tastes even better when it comes after munching down some hills before lunch! VMA is hitting the rollers hard but the smiles are flowing as well.  Here’s a smorgasbord of shots from today’s ride:

image image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4)

VMB: Yesterday, Matt and Victoria’s crew hopped off of their bikes and into the water in search of a bit of cool refreshment on a picture-perfect Vermont summer day! Today the gang is maxin’ and relaxin’ on the Middlebury college main quad for some lunch and recuperation before continuing on in search of Montreal.  They’re on the shore of Lake Champlain tonight. 


CQA: They’re there! Q.U.E.B.E.C. Boom. Done. Easy. Now it’s time for some city exploring and French language practicing!

IMG950540 IMG957052

CQB: Do these pictures look Canadian to you? How about close-Quebec-ian? They should! These pics are from the road into the city…Posie and Postyn’s group are in the Quebec hostel right now…hopefully taking a long deserved shower!

IMG_3257 IMG_3414 IMG_6802

DEX: Kahhhtahhhdihnn. They did it! Yes, this top pic is from yesterday. Izzy and John and the group are still rightfully reveling in their peak-bagging as they enjoy their last night together in Portland tonight.  


CSA: This is breakfast…and that delicious concoction on the table? That’s a french toast casserole! A breakfast like this can only bode well for another day of community service in Vieques!  You’ll find some shots of the group post-service this afternoon hanging out at Red Beach on Vieques. Tomorrow, back to the “main land” of Puerto Rico for their transition over to Cabo Rojo.

IMG_5548 IMG_3961 IMG_7765 IMG_9684

CMC: Jack and CC’s guys and gals are enjoying their second day of kayaking (and a little Ninja playing…ask your kids for details after the trip) at Point Reyes and have sent us these awesome photos to prove it! 

IMG_4123Hey there, keep those boots away from the fire!

IMG_4121 IMG_4129

PC:  Tim, Ally and Co. spent the day helping out at a local food pantry in Eugene, CA…but judging by their appetites that pallet of Peanut butter could just as easily be theirs! 

IMG_1852 IMG_1854 IMG_1853

NWXA: As promised, no news continues to be good news with Kelly, Garth and their Hearty Band of Mountaineers.  They’re coming out on Sunday!

NWXB: No, you aren’t looking at the next great American watercolor painting (though it could certainly work!)…you’re just looking at another day in Deception Pass state park. Which is to say that it’s just another beautiful perfect, unique and gorgeous day on NWX.

IMG_6300 IMG950127

ACC1: Pressing on out of Prescott, the ACC1ers are just a few days away from crossing the border into Kaliforiniaaah. With that motivation in mind they’re banging out larger and large mileage each day- it’s getting to feel like the home stretch!


ACC2: ACC2ers rockin’ the red, white, blue and Apo in front of some beautiful Arizona landscape. T-minus 1 day to their last rest day in Prescott, and 8 days to San Diego!