Leader Profile – Hannah Gensheimer

Given the caliber of leaders that we attract, it is not unusual to have a seasoned camp counselor join us.   It is not usual at all, however, to have a camp founder on staff.   But that is precisely what we have in the person of Bucknell University’s Hannah Gensheimer.   Hailing from Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Hannah started a day camp for neighborhood children in 2003 and has been running it every year since.   It is now one of the most popular summer camps in her area!   Her experiences with children have given her a wonderful perspective about what to expect from her Apogee groups on her Coast to Quebec trips this summer.

At Bucknell, Hannah is a rising senior and is double-majoring in Psychology and Political Science.   Hannah loves to travel and has visited a number of countries in Europe with her close-knit family (she has three sisters!) and studied abroad in New Zealand.   Additionally, Hannah is enormously service-oriented; she has served in an AIDS orphanage in Honduras and has spent a recent Spring Break working on a Habitat for Humanity project in Florida.   She certainly makes time for adventure, too — one of Hannah’s favorite memories is sky-diving over glaciers.   Suffice it to say, Hannah’s students are going to love getting to know her this summer!   Hannah is certified in First Aid and CPR.