Day 5: LQM – Leader Quote Monday

By: Annika Nygren

The leader’s are blowing up my phone/ email account with pictures and messages galore! They’re making my blogging easy today with beautiful messages stuffed with positive energy and pictures overflowing with exuberant faces. So – today, we’re going to let them do the talking (get it, LQM? Pretty awesome, I know…) Without further ado…

Cape Cod and Islands (CI): Here we can see that CI had, in the words of Emily, “fun at the beach yesterday! Then a great morning in Oak Bluffs before heading to Nantucket on the ferry!” Thanks Emily and Will, now I’m craving ice-cream…  En route to Nantucket!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.49.46 PMAHHHH! Heads!

IMG_3632The girls soaking up the sun

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC): These guys are still in the gorgeous White Mountains where service is spotty. They conquered the Frankenstein Cliffs and the gorgeous Arethusa Falls trails today. We did, however, hear from Coops and Midge this afternoon who said they, “are safely back at camp and ready to EAT! A big dinner to come!”

Vermont to Montreal (VM): Below is a group shot from yesterday’s beautiful, if toasty ride! Cheers to a well earned frozen treat!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

And for today’s report: “We saw a rainbow today! All smiles with some flat riding and sunshine! Looking forward to seeing Garrett tonight!” (Ed. note:  Garrett -or popularly known as Garebear- is our fabulous Apo photographer who will be joining this group for a couple nights of camping and LOTS of opportunities for action shots.)IMG_7572

California Mountains and Coast (CMC): Goooodmorning strettttttcchhhh! Check out these champs taking care of their bodies after coming off of the water in Tomales Bay this morning.


From Dylan:  “We rafted the American River the whole morning and survived the Meat Grinder Rapid! Now we are driving to camp. The day’s phrase was ‘Ride the World!”” Sounds pretty intimidating to me. Major kudos to these guys for showing those rapids who’s boss!


On the way to rafting!

IMG_8353In case you were wondering what Dylan and Emma look like, they’re the ones in back…

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA): No stopping these guys when it comes to making Puerto Rico a better place – or least Puerto Rican coffee a richer, more delectable experience for the connoisseur! Will and Lucy report they have completed, “irrigation work on a small shade-grown coffee plantation!”Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.24.13 PM

Coast to Quebec (CQA): Day Two for these guys on the saddle is in the books – they’re already at camp! Here they are pictured, “just checkin’ out the town of Damariscotta on our way to camp. Jumping picture goes out to all the homies in the office, but Chad-Man in particular.” I’m in for a special treat tonight as I will be joining this group of rockstars for a beautiful sunset over the water and night of sleeping under the stars!IMG_3027


Coast to Quebec (CQB): Pete and Sherry couldn’t help but boast about their rockstars:”We crushed it today – in camp by 1:00 and now going swimming in the salt water pool! Everyone enjoyed the ride, as the majority was flat or downhill! We rode on a bike path which was fabulous and are cooking quinoa salad for dinner” Score!

IMG_2384Hydration Station!  Oh, yeah!

IMG_3429Happy feet!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX): “Swim test – 100% pass rate! This is us after exploring an awesome old quarry on green island. The rain has filled it up with fresh water. Fun fun fun!” – Marino and Erin


IMG_6597These things are hard to paddle on land!


Montana Service Adventure (MSA): Direct from HannahMontana and Opie:Killing mileage this morning! Stopped for a nice view!These guys crushed their ride today and got into camp super early to hang out and cook a delicious dinner… way to go team!IMG_4633.JPG

Northwest Explorer (NWX): “Back country, hoh!” Izzy and John thought this caption was “punny” [or clever] because they’re hiking the “Heart of Hills” trail, which abbreviated is HoH!” We’ve got pictures of them on the way to their backcountry put-in, of Big John’s birthday surprise, and of the gang all loaded up – and with mustaches, of course.  Enjoy!2014063095082044

IMG_8954 Also! Big John turned 22 today!! I received a video from Izzy of the gang singing T-Swift’s popular, and fitting, song “22.”  

20140630_114105 “Mustaches and ready for the Hoh rainforest!”

Pacific Coast (PC1): “Our group is zooming and smiling today!” say Jeanne and Matt. What a “beautiful ride along the coast 🙂 [emoticon included in text…]”. Spirits are high and legs are happily resting now.

IMG_6958Ahem – can anyone say “gorgeous?”

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.55.58 PMPacific Coast (PC2): And, here we have Kate and Trevor’s group, “crushing Seven Devils road.” Check out that mountainous view with a blanket of blue skies!IMG_1747 IMG_2400 IMG_8116

Alps Explorer (AX): Jack and CC messaged me on WhatsApp saying, “we’re staying warm and having a grand ‘ol time. Just in case there’s no service later, here’s a pic of the gang headed to the train station this morning!” #OfftoFiesch. But seriously, we love hearing from our trailblazers! Keep up the great work, dudes.IMG_6687

America Coast to Coast (ACC1): “Hummus, beans, carrots, celery, pita, cheese, peppers, spinach….Oreos, fluff, and chocolate milk.” That was what was on the docket for lunch today, “all because we are crushing hills and miles!”  Parents will be very happy to know that these guys are tucked in to camp for the night looking forward to their first day off on Wednesday!

IMG_6407 IMG_4648

America Coast to Coast (ACC2): This was the last round of pictures and boy did it make me smile! “Eating Georgia peaches on the Georgia state line!” Thank you Sam and Ally for the update… What yummy local delicacy will they enjoy next..? We may or may not have had ice cream in the office today, but we certainly didn’t deserve it as much as these guys.  Stay strong out there guys!


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.52.04 PM

Put a check mark next to another successful day! I’m leaving the office now super-amped about how fast and strong our groups are moving. Keep making me proud people!! Until Thursday, folks! (My fabulous co-co, Alex Doig, will be taking over the blog for the next couple of days! I’m counting on some geo-jokes from our geology major himself! Don’t take ’em for ‘granite’.)