Day 41: F is for Fun

By Wilbur Vietze

Ah, another beautiful day in the Apogee office. Sun is shining (maybe), birds are chirping (quietly), and the blog machine is rolling (definitely, maybe). Today is a momentous day in the Apogee summer, as the first of our America Coast to Coast trips rolled to the Pacific after a grueling summer. They worked incredibly hard day in and day out in the heat and tackled terrain barely hospitable to humans, often while most of us were asleep. Freddy, Anna, and the ACC1 crew, you’ve earned at least a month of potato chips and Netflix. Can’t wait to hear about the trip when you return to Brunswick!


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

Maine Coast Junior rolled up to Acadia National Park in their trusty van before setting up camp for the next few nights. They spent the afternoon hiking the Ship Harbor trail to a harbor where there are ships. Conveniently uncreative name!

Literally no idea what’s going on here. Guessing Grubes started it?
Tim hogging the limelight once again. What a ham!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

The CI crew sailed the salty sea by ferry, crossing Cape Cod Bay by boat. They are excited to explore Boston’s myriad cobbled alleyways by foot and say “pahk the cah” as many times as it takes to develop a natural Boston accent.

Safety first! Even on quiet strolls along the water

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

The NEMC squad set off up New Hampshire’s famed Mt. Washington on a drizzly morning. Due to unfortunate weather, they made their way up the Ammonoosuc Trail instead. It looked quite neat!


Great smiles, but show me something more dynamic
Ah, that’s the ticket
Its pretty neat! Neature!
Overheard: Woah
A shot from yesterday’s hike up Ripley Falls

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA)

After a hearty morning service project with the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, the CSA crew spent the evening trying their hands (feet?) at Salsa dancing. We were bummed not to receive photographic evidence of leader Matthew attempting Salsa, but we’ll hope for more pictures tomorrow.

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Our essayists spent their penultimate day (drumroll please) completing their essays. Who would’ve thunk? Based on the beautiful pictures below and the words of Jaed, Jack, and Jane, they crafted some stellar college essays. Word is: Jack and Jane shared their own essays with the group.

Could that be? Completed essays? The same word written seven hundred times? Your guess is as good as mine
Question: has Jack ever worn a non tie dye shirt?

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

Today, DEX A (A for Appalachian Trail) began their three day, two night trek along the famous Appalachian Trail. They’re snuggled in camp deep in the Maine backwoods, surrounded by all of the beauty Maine has to offer. Unfortunately, no pictures tonight – stay tuned for more soon!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

DEX Bingo summited Maine’s famed Mt. Katahdin before lunchtime, using the wee hours of the morn to hit the trail. Their beloved stuffed dog (or ewok) made it up the gorgeous trail as well, remarking, “Woah, I mean woof” at the summit- insightful stuff there. Congrats, pals!

Katahdone, am I right?
There appears to be some sort of strange dog in the picture
Teamwork makes the dream work
Looks like somebody is swatting a bug of sorts

Vermont to Montréal (VM)

The Vermontrealers rolled into Montreal with time to spare this afternoon. They are officially done with biking and will begin the, “How French do I look?” stage of the trip. We’ll let you know if Emma breaks out her authentic mime attire in the city square. Congrats, team, you made it!

I once had a mediocre panino at a Tim Hortons
I scream for ice cream!
Bienvenue to Montreal, home of the Canadiens and Celine Dion

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

Deep in the heart of the rain forest, our CRLS gang spent the morning getting their sweat on during a rewarding community service project with the folks at the Ecolodge. Afterwards, they explored the jungle and all of it’s wonders – we can look forward to photos when they return on Thursday!

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

CMCA continued their journey through Yosemite’s epic backcountry, taking in iconic view after iconic view. They donned black face paint whilst on a rock for reasons that are still unknown. And what a surprise – a spot of service deep in the backcountry meas a sneak peak of their travels! Thanks for the backcountry pics, Kevin and Shannon!

Peace! Looking rad, pals!
Patagonia ad or Apogee trip?
Literally the exact same view we have at the Apogee office
Where’d the face paint come from? Why’s there face paint in the first place?

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

CMC Bacon explored Tomales Bay by kayak, embarking on an endless quest to find said tomales. They had a grand time on the water and look forward to future nautical adventures on the California coast. Word is: Jared has already purchased hair bleach to prepare for surfing in a few days.

Thumbs up if you’d rather be in an office in Brunswick!
What’s deeper, the group or Tomales bay?
But where are the tomales?

Coast to Québec (CQA)

CQA rode into Canada, eh. They spotted a moose along the way and ran on pure moose energy the rest of the way to Saint-Rene. Word is: Canada is “different” than the United States. Who knew?

Bonjour, bienvenue, eh!

Coast to Québec (CQB)

After a rip-roaring day of rafting on the river, CQB took to the roads once more. They tore through Maine’s moosey Northwest corner and rolled into (Hugh) Jackman without a single moose spotting. I for one am thoroughly disappointed. Next up: Canada, eh!

Maine, is that you?

Montana Service Adventure (MSA)

MSA spent the day at a native plant nursery, learning about and pulling noxious nap weed to discontinue its germination. Looks like we have some budding conservationists on our hands (not to be confused with conversationalists). Word is: pulling weeds is more fun in Montana.

Woah! That’s a lot of weeds

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

NWXA began their island adventure in Washington’s Puget Sound. They are excited to stare out into the deep blue sea, ride majestic orca whales into the sunset, and camp among the evergreen trees. Stay tuned for: bald eagles, grunge, totem poles, kayak selfies, and salmon?

Have the best time on your noble sea steeds!

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

NWXB continues to romp around the majestic meadows and mountains of Olympic National Park. Word is: it looks like Maine, but, you know, better. Pics to come in the very near future!

Pacific Coast (PCA)

PCA rode from Gualala (lalalalala) to Bodega Bay, just north of San Francisco. Fun fact: Bodega means cellar in Spanish. The squad continues to shower us with majestic coastal views and ebullient smiles.

Far out, gang!

Pacific Coast (PCB)

PCB had another big, 60-mile day of riding after a restful day in Mendocino. They handled a tough stretch of road with grace and determination, rolling one step closer to the Mrs. Doubtfire house in San Fran. Unfortunately there wasn’t quite enough service today to get pictures through, but we’ll eagerly await more tomorrow!

Scottish Highland Explorer (SHX)

Our highlanders explored Loch Ness in all its majesty, joining local Nessie hunters in their lifelong quest. Word is: Sam thought she saw Nessie but it could’ve been a trout holding a long stick or just a stick. Word is: it was a stick. Stay tuned for more!

Quite possibly the sunniest day in Scottish history
Why do bagpipers walk while they play? To get away from the noise
Our fearless monster hunters

Alps Explorer (AXA)

AXA crossed into Switzerland today to partake in hot chocolate drinking, cheese eating, feathered cap wearing, watch making, and yodeling. They will spend the night in La Fouly, practicing a song and dance routine for a local fair. Question: why does Swiss cheese have so many holes? Answer: science.

Nothing says “misty day in the Alps” quite like a giant straw hat
Hot coco made with “fresh from the udder” milk

Alps Explorer (AXB)

AXB completed the Tour du Mont Blanc today – 110 miles and over 30,000 feet of elevation change! After days of epic views, sub par yodeling, Alpine meadows, and borders crossed, the team finally made it to the Pink Church. Meanwhile: I had a delightful turkey sandwich today. I think we’re on the same page today, AXB!

A rainbow? A double rainbow? A double rainbow in the Alps? I can hardly believe thine eyes
I spy: butter
The iconic Pink Church! Congrats!

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

As mentioned in the intro, ACC1 was met by the cheers of parents and locals alike as they rolled over to the Pacific ocean. They dropped their bikes and immediately ran into the ocean to immerse themselves in their accomplishment. Word is: Freddy knows how to body surf. Congratulations doesn’t even do justice the amount of pride we have for this crew – 2,700 miles!

Wooooohooooo! Congrats gang
Check out Anna’s incredibly long stride
Literal tears flowing down my face right now
I see you, Sam Carey! Slick bball shorts!
Can you imagine a more iconic Apogee image?

America Coast to Coast (ACC2)

ACC Dos continued West (shocker). They ate 68 miles for lunch and aren’t even phased by the desert heat. Overheard: can we just become succulents.

My Uncle Rico could’ve thrown a football over those mountains in the 80’s
Can you spot Tim?
Sunrise or sunset? I literally don’t know