Day 3: Living the Dream!

Another day, another destiny!  We’re waaay into it now, faithful blog readers.  As of this afternoon, we have eleven trips in the field, with four more to come over the next three days before we’re fully engaged across nine time zones.  Kevin and I (Chad) were at our Maine’s Downeast Explorer trip start in Freeport this afternoon, and were reminded anew just how cool – for lack of a better term – kids can be.  All of these Apogee groups are coming together – filled with kids who, for the most part, don’t know anyone else on the trip – and just dive into it.  They dive into the name games, they dive in to the games of “Ninja” (see below) and “Wha” (not pictured, but a picture wouldn’t do it justice, anyway…), and they dive into the hiking and biking.  With gusto.  Way more than I would – that’s for sure…  Alright, let’s get to the good stuff, which includes another, always inspirational Atlantic wheel dip from ACC2…:

NEMC1A:  The normally quiet woods around the Browne Center in Durham, NH were ringing today, as our two NEMC trips converged for their day learning the ropes – literally.  First up, a few shots of Philip and Emma’s NEMC1A group.  Below them, Matt and Victoria’s NEMC1B.  We got reports from both groups that everyone loved the high ropes.  Both groups are leaving southern New Hampshire behind this afternoon and lighting out for the White Mountains – their new home for the next few days.

As you can see below, Philip is into the “in the moment” candid shots – they do a great job of capturing the moment, but we’ll ask him for a couple of whole-group shots over the next couple of days…

IMG_7986 IMG_3667 IMG_1134

And heeere’s Matt and Victoria’s high-wire workers: 

IMG_2392 IMG950755 IMG_7459

CI:  Our Capers, fearlessly led by Noah and Rosa, started off on the, err, damp side today.  But, friends, their spirits were not dampened one bit – just look at those determined faces in the second shot – and the way a little grey in the sky wouldn’t keep them out of the water once they made it to the Vineyard this morning!  Huzzah!

CI12 cape jetty vineyard beach

DEX:  Our nascent Maine’s Downeast Explorer got off to a great start in Freeport, ME today.  After getting the gang together, Izzy and John headed down the coast for the hills of Camden.  They’ll break in the boots tomorrow on the Camden hills, and then head all the way downeast to start their kayaking adventure.

This is what I got when I asked for a “sad” picture – I guess we know who the rule-breakers are going to be on this trip:  

 And…a happy picture:


VM:  Our Vermonters rode their way into better picture-sending range today on their way from one gorgeous Green Mountain lake to another.  They sent in the following shots, one great picnic spot, one post-ride dip in the lake – the pontoon boat is not ours.  

vmlakerev VM1rev

PC1A: Way over on the coast of Oregon, Tim and Ally’s PC1A’ers got their morning started with rousing game of Ninja and then took in a pre-ride morning stroll…  




PC1B:  Meanwhile, some miles to the north, Mia and Jeremy’s group were proudly rocking the orange flags underneath the pines. After their first full day of riding today, both PC groups will be working their way down the stunning Oregon coast in earnest tomorrow. 

IMG_8091 IMG_0969

CMC:  Meanwhile, just a few hundred miles to their south, CC, Jack and their merry bunch were putting the “coast” into California Mountains & Coast as they paddled further up Tomales Bay.  They’re putting the paddles down tomorrow and heading into the Sierra tomorrow afternoon!  Here’s a shot of their bayside breakfast earlier today:


MSA:  Over in Big Sky Country, Kelly and Garth have nothing but fantastic things to say about their group, the stunning weather, and the riding. If a person could be all smiles over a series of text messages – it was Kelly talking about today’s Montana ride.


ACC1:  Nick, Alexis, and their mile-eating warriors crossed the first of many state lines today, crossing from South Carolina into Georgia.  Nick described high spirits and sent a particular shout-out to the incredibly welcoming Ann and Donna at the Georgia Welcome Center.  Ann has been a Facebook fan since our very first ACC trip!


ACC2:  And, last but certainly not least, it was Mike and McKayla’s turn to don the red, white and blue for their Atlantic wheel-dip this afternoon.  Their gang is chomping at the figurative bit to point the wheels west and light out for that other ocean, a mere 2700+ miles down the road…