Day 26: Here they Come!

By: Emily Sturtevant and Emily O’Connell

A busy day in the Apogee office, with six trips starting and one finishing. We now have a grand total of 18 groups out in the field, which means a jam-packed blog. Enjoy!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ2):

After kayaking in Casco Bay, biking Acadia’s carriage roads, and hiking some of its peaks, this fun packed week has come to a bittersweet end. They celebrated all of their accomplishments with a good ol’ burgers & fries dinner in Portland last night. This morning included final good byes and pickups in both Maine and Massachusetts. We hope that everyone enjoyed their trip and that we see you all next year!


Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE2):

MCCE had another busy day today, starting with morning writing conferences with Jaed, where they talked about their current drafts and received feedback on how to revise their essays. The group then spent their afternoon volunteering at Crystal Springs Farm, a local community farm. After all of their hard work the group has the evening off to hang out together.

IMG_8499 IMG_8501

Cape Cod and the Islands (CI2):

Kevin and Alyssa’s group enjoyed a relaxing day in Provincetown with almost zero miles of riding – which we’re sure was celebrated after yesterday’s big ride! They spent their time exploring all the town has to offer. Tomorrow the group will board their final ferry, this time to Boston, where they will enjoy their last couple of days together exploring the city and cementing their friendships.

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC2):

This group has left the ropes and are in the mountains! Isa and Aaron covered numerous hiking safety topics this morning, including the importance of hydration, the buddy-system, and blister prevention, before they hit the trails and conquered Mt. Avalon together. Though it looks cloudy in these pictures, the group enjoyed beautiful views from the summit.



Vermont to Montreal A (VM2A):

Jessi and Jonathan’s riders spent their day biking through the picturesque farmland of southern Quebec province, getting closer and closer to Montreal, and getting more and more excited for tomorrow’s final ride into the city. Tonight’s campsite is also a water park, so there may be some well-deserved splish-splash to celebrate their penultimate riding day. Not enough cell service for pictures, unfortunately, but everyone is doing great!

Vermont to Montreal B (VM2B):

Congratulations to these bikers, not only did they cross over the border into Canada, but they also had their challenge ride, a 50 mile day! These superstars took it in stride, or should I say peddle, and worked together to push through today’s terrain and mileage. All that effort will be worth it as they ride into Montreal tomorrow.VM2B

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX2):

Welcome to the front country DEX-sters! The group enjoyed a short hike out on the Appalachian Trail this morning, and celebrated their two nights in the backcountry with a well deserved mega-lunch. Tomorrow they will conquer Katahdin, Maine’s tallest mountain, working together to get to the summit.


Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA2):

CSA worked with students at Reach for Success again this morning before taking one of their last few afternoons together to enjoy the local beaches and Puerto Rican sunshine. Look at those azure waters, they really are in paradise!

IMG_0086 IMG_0092

California Mountains and Coast (CMC2):

Matt and Midge’s crew was out of the backcountry yesterday, but didn’t have enough cell service to send us pictures until this morning. It looks like they had beautiful weather and breathtaking scenery. They’re transiting back to the coast today for the final portion of their trip – surfing, service, and San Fran!

image6 image3 image2 unnamed-1

Montana Service Adventure (MSA2):

Welcome to Montana! Having flown from all across the country to arrive in Bozeman, this crew looks ready for three weeks of biking, service, and rafting in Big Sky Country. Tonight’s schedule includes get-to-know-you games and their first of many meals together.

“M” is for Montana!

Northwest Explorer (NWX2):

Will and Becca spent the afternoon gathering their group from all corners of the world (and the SEA-TAC airport). Here’s a picture of the group all together and about to embark on their first journey, a van ride to their campsite on the shore of Puget Sound. Once there, they’ll cook their first meal together and spend the evening getting to know each other. Their next couple of days will be spent on day hikes to warm up their legs and get their packs settled before they delve into their first backcountry section in Olympic National Park.


Pacific Coast A (PC2A):

West and Abby’s group gathered in Eugene, Oregon this afternoon and are super psyched to start their 600 mile, 20 day journey together. Here they are waiting for their last few trip mates to arrive. West says that lots of snacks were consumed and lots of games were played (Duck, Duck, Goose?) while they were waiting.


Pacific Coast B (PC2B):

And here is PCB, Mike and Sherry also had one or two more kiddos to collect when this photo was taken, but they’re all together now and headed for the coast. First riding day tomorrow in the Oregonian splendor!


Alps Explorer A (AX2A):

Our Alps Explorers landed in Zermatt, Switzerland this morning, where they will be starting their journey across 3 countries. Noah and Emma’s group is snuggled into bed after an enjoyable first dinner. Tomorrow they get to start the adventure of a lifetime!


Alps Explorer B (AX2B):

Ally and Tim’s group also arrived bright and early in Switzerland. This looks like post-dinner frisbee and dessert shenanigans. They’ll be spending their next few days in Zermatt, hiking out any vestiges of jet-lag, and taking in some classic alpine vistas.


Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

Happy rest day ECCA! Today the group is treating themselves to a little R&R, including laundry and exploration in Merano. Three more days of riding until Venice – it’s crazy to think that their trip is coming to a close!

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

This crew enjoyed a beautiful ride through Italy today, even stopping to have snack in a grape vine tunnel (pictured below). Tomorrow they will enjoy a rest day in Merano before they hop back on their bikes for the final push!

ECCB Merano

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

After cooling off in last night’s pool, ACC was up and at ’em early today for another 90+ ride across New Mexico. Early starts are always made better by beautiful morning colors!