Day 25 – Part 2 – Lots of Sunset/Sunrise Shots

All the way over on the shores of Puget Sound, Mike and Annie’s Northwest Explorers enjoyed a great first night together (replete with an epic game of “Giants, Wizards & Elves” (how come these groups all play games I’ve never heard of?)) and shoved off today for Olympic National Park.

They’ll be doing a combination of day hikes and backcountry hiking over the next few days through the temperate rainforest in ONP — it promises to be breathtaking. Mike sent this shot of the group enjoying a stunning Northwest sunset on the shore last night.

Just down the coast a couple of hundred miles from our NWX-ers, our Pacific Coast groups both started rolling (literally) today. Both sets of leaders, Rachel/Sam and Lidia/Alex reported fantastic first nights with their groups. Both groups were surprised by the chill — the temps fell hard when the sun went down last night. Not daunted, both groups played get-to-know-you games in fleece and winter hats (some in distinctive and decidedly good-looking Apogee vests…). Both groups sent in pictures — Same and Rachel’s gang is on top; Lidia and Alex’s below.

And finally — in what has become a repetitive refrain — we heard from our Coast to Coasters before 11:00 AM local time today. They were done with their 75 miles before lunch — shoot, before brunch! They’re in Roswell, New Mexico tonight. [Insert whatever bad alien joke you think works best here…] Cait sent me this shot of the group pausing in the New Mexico dawn this morning. They leave the flats for the mountains tomorrow — it promises to be tough-going, but the temperatures will moderate and the scenery spectacular for the next week or so.