Day 24: Photobomb Saturday

Yesterday Chad said to me, “Susie, you’re doing the blog tomorrow. I have a theme for you. Photobombs.” What is a photobomb, you might ask? It’s when someone walks through or jumps into the background of a photo where they don’t belong. Now, I’m a fan of photobombs as much as the next gal, but I was skeptical that all of our groups could come up with some kind of photobomb. Chris and I will be tag-teaming this blog today and we’ll just have to see if they’ve proven me wrong…

Of our fifteen leader pairs, four are still on break out west and now that CQ is off to a (very hot!) start, things are very quiet here in Brunswick. Despite the heat, everyone is doing just great here in New England while our western leaders get psyched for round two. ACC and ECC are absolutely crushing it. Updates on Hannah and Dylan are almost unnecessary at this point–they are living the dream in Puerto Rico and psyched to meet their new students. So, without further ado, we present Photobomb Saturday:

CI: Our Cape Codders have arrived in Provincetown! Our photographer Garrett is with the group and took this amazing shot with some volunteer photobombers! Amazing. We are proud of them on so many levels. Next stop, Boston!

imagejpeg_0-10 (1)

This guy is not in the Apogee age-group…

NEMC: Phil and Emma’s gang surprised the office staff by swinging by and eating lunch on the beautiful main lawn in Brunswick today…so the office staff surprised them by photobombing their picture…which turned into a photobombing extravaganza involving local families and much creativity. Good work guys, good work.


Support staff photobomb


Thanks to this super cooperative family on the Brunswick green! Many laughs were had all around.

VMA&B: Unfortunately, our Vermonters can’t send photos from Canada…but both groups are across the border, cruising onward toward Montreal. They can’t believe how quickly the trip has gone and are stoked to be practicing their best French. Alors, nous faisons du velo!

DEX: Photobomb by Rodin’s Thinker aka John. Thorough thoughts and tasty treats are the order of the day for Jon and Izzy’s Downeast Explorers as they start their coastal Maine island camping experience…perfect weather for swimming and general beach lounging!


CQA: Ben and Lizzie’s group passed through Brunswick on their morning ride and took a break to snap this hilarious sequence at a local playground…try to spot both of the photo bombs in progress. Go team.


cqa2 cqua3 cqa4 cqa5 cqa6

CQB: Who said this was only a bike trip? Posie and Postyn’s group is rocking their way through the first day of swing set antics and coordinated group jumping. Note non-swinging photobomber success.



CMC: CC and Jack’s crew is now in beautiful Yosemite, where they can’t send us pictures (no 3G!). We’ll just have to be patient and wait for all the beautiful backcountry photography for when they come out in a few days. We can’t wait!

ACC1: Always up for a challenge, Nick, Alexis and the gang have decided to do Texas once more. Could be a joke. Could not be. In all seriousness, congrats on another state line!!



ACC2: HALFWAY PARTY DAY. ACC2 is doing big things in big ways…even the cow that photobombed their first picture is gigantic! Congratulations to McKayla and Mike’s gang!



ECC: The European technologies are still battling against our photo-collecting wishes, but Anna and David’s crew are safe in their camp (ready for bed by this time!) in southern Germany. They are in the Danube valley cruising toward the Lake of Konstanz and it is just beautiful. We can’t wait to see pictures once they can send!