Day 24: Fun-Day Monday

By: Hannah Gensheimer & Izzy Janzen

Today is another beautiful day here in Brunswick, Maine. We are playing some summery music and enjoying the sun coming through our office window. But, enough about us! We have a jam-packed blog for you today filled with fun activities and big views. Let’s see what all of our trips are up to…

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ2):

It was a day of transit and sea kayaking for our MCJers! Today, this awesome crew traveled down from Acadia back to the southern coast of Maine, and stopped in our area to spend the afternoon paddling in Harpswell Sound. Dixie, Rosa, and their crew couldn’t have asked for better weather as it was 80 degrees and sunny for their time on the water. We know they slathered up with sunscreen before their adventures so they can rest happily at camp this evening enjoying looking back on their fun in the sun today!

mcj2 mcj2 mcj2

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE2):

It was our MCCEers first day working with Bowdoin’s Admission’s Director in a guided discussion on what works well in college essays, and what schools are looking for. Students participated in an open discussion about their own ideas as well as hearing the professional opinion. This afternoon, students also spent time developing the beginning stages of their essays with Jaed. According to Rhia and Miles, everyone is off to a great start! They did take time to rest the cerebrum and challenge the nervous system with a dip in the chilly Maine water, too.




Cape Cod & the Islands (CI2):

“Surf’s up, dude!” is what Kevin and Alyssa’s crew is saying today! And they could not have had a better day for it! They were up early and ready to hop into the cool waters along the Cape, and the entire team enjoyed catching some rays and plenty of waves. Tomorrow they will embark on the next stage of their journey towards Provincetown.

1010077 1010147

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC2):

Here’s to new beginnings, new friends, and new adventures! It’s day one for our NEMCers, and Isa and Pom are thrilled for the second round of NEMC. Upon everyone’s arrival, the group started playing some name games and fun get-to-know-you games before heading off to their first campsite in southern Maine. Tonight is sure to be filled with a delicious first meal, a campfire, and some star gazing to get everyone ready for their big 10 day adventure.


Vermont to Montreal A (VM2A):

After an awesome day of rest and relaxing yesterday, Jessi and Jonathan’s group hopped right back on the bikes today for a beautiful, 27-mile ride. They enjoyed some unbelievable weather, lush greenery, and blue skies – and the opportunity to ride on one of the only “bike ferries” in the US. It was a lovely day to be riding through Vermont. We hear that the group is doing fantastically both on and off of their bikes.


Vermont to Montreal B (VM2B):

Freddy and Anna’s group spent today off of their bikes and did spent the morning volunteering with Burlington’s Park and Recreation rangers along the same path they ride on! The group was excited to rest their legs after some hilly rides the past few days. This afternoon, the crew explored Burlington as a group. (Please forgive the captions under these pictures – we got a little “punny”)

VM2The service wooden have been the same without their painting efforts. They did a rail-y good job! VM2No one was on the fence about getting into this project!


VM2Looks like their job was weedy hard!

[Ed. Note: We obviously need to give the blog writers more work away from the blog…]

California Mountains and Coast (CMC2):

Our CMCers are finishing their final full day in the back country of Yosemite – a day that includes the largest climb of their entire trip as they hike along the high in Yosemite National Park. As the back country does not provide too much service or wifi (wait, bears don’t need internet?!), we are looking forward to catching up on plenty of pictures from this crew tomorrow. Stay tuned…

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA2):

Thomas, Emily, and their hardworking crew were way down on the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico at the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge  today! The Refuge is located on an old CIA listening station, one used to spy on Cuba until the 1970’s when it was given over to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The group spent the day removing invasive species and planting trees on the Refuge. The group also got to do some exploration around the area, including a visit to old bunkers on site and the Lighthouse at Cabo Rojo – one of the most famous lighthouses in Puerto Rico. It looks like they had an awesome day of hard work and exploration!

CSA2 csa2 csa2

Downeast Explorer (DEX2):

Today our DEX group headed into the back country in Baxter State Park. It was an early morning, and a long ride to get them there but John and Erinn reported that spirits are high and the group is extremely excited to hit the trail together. They will be hiking along portions of the Appalachian Trail for the next two days and nights, enjoying the beauty Maine and the awesomeness of living off of the grid for a few days. Unfortunately for us, we can’t expect pictures from these guys until later in the week.

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

Today ECCA had maybe the “single best day of riding” on the entire trip! The pictures say it all. This was a simply breathtaking ride every kilometer of the way. Views aside their travels today also took them through 3- that’s right- 3 countries! They crossed from Austria into Switzerland and then finally into Italy. After 75 kilometers and three countries they will sleep tight tonight in Glurns (or “Glorenza,” depending on who you ask…), Italy, a beautiful medieval town in the Adige River valley surrounded by majestic mountains. It was a truly incredible journey for ECCA.


Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

Another huge day for these European travelers as they rode just over 95 kilometers through the magnificent terrain of Austria. This is the heart of the Alps, and boy is it beautiful! Posie reports that it was perhaps their most epic day so far. They had a whopping 44-km climb followed by a 2032 meter high pass (to put their day in perspective for Americanos, these guys climbed more than 4000 feet today!). If you look closely at the panoramic shot below you can see the gnarly switchbacks that the group climbed on their bikes. It was another challenging, magical, and hugely rewarding day on ECCB!




























That’s right, Mom – we climbed that!!

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Goodbye, Texas, it’s been grand! And helllloooo, New Mexico! It was another long day for our ACC group today, but they’ve been riding incredibly efficiently, and crushing miles. This crew was ready to give their legs a little bit of a break today – a mere 62 miles – after yesterday’s big century ride. There is a pool where they’re staying tonight, so we hope they’ll do plenty of relaxing and enjoy a dip to cool off after their hot ride. ACC