Day 22: Glory Days

Trip ends! Trip starts! It’s all happening! We are having some great days here in the big Apogee world! Now that PC, CSA, and MSA have wrapped, our western (and Caribbean) leaders are catching a bit of extra shut-eye while getting geared up for their next trips! Mia, Jeremy, Garth, and Kelly are headed for Seattle for NWX (so exciting!) and Hannah, Dylan, Tim and Ally are getting stoked for round two. Meanwhile, DEX took off again today (I had some fun with some early airport-arrivers at the Bean Boot – see below…!) and CQ will head out tomorrow. This means few pictures, sadly, but the good news is that everyone out on the road is just living it up! From trip starts to ends, state lines to national borders, and everything in between, we are living the glory days. Onward!

CI: Our Cape Codders are living it up these days and coming close to the end of their biking. They’ll have tomorrow off the saddle for some serious surfing, then onward up some hills as they cruise into Provincetown. The sun keeps on shining, and they are stoked to hang loose on some sweet waves tomorrow. Here’s a shot of the group at camp this evening, working hard at preparing dinner:


NEMC: Welcome to Maine! Phillip and Emma’s crew, satisfied after a challenging and beautiful romp around the White Mountains, has moved on to Maine: “The Way Life Should Be.” They get to rest their feet tomorrow as they hit the rapids on the mighty Kennebec. It’s hard to believe the trip is more than halfway done! Here’s a shot of the crew catching a quick dip:


VMA: Rosa and Noah’s group (Vermont crew Alpha) bid farewell to Burlington today, cruising off on the beautiful bike path along Lake Champlain’s shore. They are crossing the lake’s islands as they make their way toward the border; passports are comin’ out tomorrow! On y va!


VMB: Vermont crew Bravo took the day off the bikes today, doing some community service and exploring the fun town of Burlington, VT! Burlington is the home of UVM, Ben and Jerry’s, plus a plethora of outdoor stores, so I’m sure these intrepid bikers found some exciting things to check out. Next up, the Isles of Champlain! 


CSA: Despite sad goodbyes and multiple delayed flights, our CSA trip has come to a close… as we always say, good things must come to an end. Hannah and Dylan said that it was a true joy to lead these guys. Stay in touch! 


DEX: I (Susie) got to spend a bit of time with a few of the new DEXters today, and I already know it’s going to be an awesome group. Last night at dinner Izzy and John were just raving about how excited they are to do this trip again. While the three New Yorkers and I were waiting for things to get started this morning, we checked out L.L. Bean and took a necessary photo in front of the Boot! Plus some group shots showing of their “guns” and of course, an Apogee “A!”

photo (1) photo photo

CMC: Our Californians are deep in the woods these days, and CC and Jack have notoriously bad picture-sending reception everywhere they go. But despite a lack of photos, they are doing great and getting psyched for the Yosemite backcountry!

ECC: Willkommen in Deutschland! Our intrepid ECC crew has crossed yet another border–into the great country of Germany–and were in camp by noon! The southwest of Germany (my most recent place of residence) is just beautiful, and they are sure to waste no time enjoying soft prezels, Apfelschorle (apple juice and seltzer; surprisingly delicious!), and views of vineyards and castles. They won’t have wi-fi for a couple days, so we’ll have to patiently await the pictures! 

ACC1: HALFWAY BABY!!! What is the significance of Haskell, TX, you might ask? It’s halfway! I guess that was probably clear from my excessive use of all caps… Anyway, Nick and Alexis, together with their champion riders, are making great time and are stoked to have passed this great mile mark. 


ACC2: It’s a rest day for ACC2 as they enjoy the good life in Jacksboro, Texas. Mike and McKayla sent us a great shot of the group from yesterday’s ride, plus one of some serious kite-flying action today. (That’s right, guys, Mike is crazy enough to pack a large kite all the way from Charleston–worth it? Absolutely.)

IMG_0222 IMG950226