Day 21: Splish Splash!

Susie here, team-blogging with Cait after a couple days out of the office. It’s been an awesome day for Apogee; several of our western trips are finishing up and basking in the glory of their successes while several east-coast leader pairs are gearing up to head back out on trip. Izzy and John just debriefed for their DEX start tomorrow and they are certifiably psychedMeanwhile, the rest of the trips out on the road are finding ample opportunities for swimming, ice cream, and general fun in the sun. It’s a warm one here in Maine, and all this swimming pics are making me also long to splish splash around in a cool lake or ocean… Anyway, let’s get to those updates! (The solution to yesterday’s puzzle will come at the end.)

CI: Our Cape Codders bumped into an alumni parent on Nantucket, who snapped this great shot outside of the original Nantucket Nectars shop. It’s a small world, and the Apogee world is even smaller! These guys are just loving the weather and can’t wait to hit the Cape after their awesome stay on Nantucket.

CI 7-17

NEMC: Phil and Emma’s crew discovered a great swimming hole in the White Mountains today–nothing like some nice cool mountain water among New Hampshire granite to finish off their time in the Whites before heading to Maine for some rafting! See you on the (Kennebec) river!

IMG958969 IMG959054 IMG950959

VMA: Our Vermonsters are in Burlington doing their community service in a beautiful garden today. Note leader Noah’s amazing rake-guitar-playing skills. And those murals! Amazing. And of course–the VERMONSTER!!! These guys are smiling at the beginning of the famed Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for many spoons; hopefully they were still smiling at the end! Next it’s onward toward Canada!

IMG_1542 IMG_1546 IMG_1556

VMB: Splish splash is definitely the word of the day for VMB–they are enjoying the best of Lake Champlain in kayaks before cruising into Burlington. I know from experience that Champlain water is pretty cold, but these guys seem to be relishing in the beauty of that cool-off after some great biking today. Day off the bikes tomorrow!


CSA: Alas, all good things must come to an end. Hannah and Dylan have adored their group, and after speaking to Hannah this morning, I know they were all excited to explore San Juan today, even if it means they will have to part ways soon. CSA probably got to do the most swimming of any group so far this year, so it’s appropriate that we have a sunset beach shot from last night. Tomorrow they will say adios and fly home with some great memories from Puerto Rico. 


CMC: CC and Jack take pride in many aspects of their Apogee trips, and lookin’ good is definitely high on that list. Below is a demonstration of how to look as cool (and visible) as possible while camping, rafting, and hiking in beautiful California. Let’s be real here, folks, who wouldn’t want to wear matching neon headbands? Today was rafting day, and soon the group will be gearing up for the backcountry!


MSA: Unfortunately today was the end of MSA…and we have no photo. Kelly and Garth touched base with us to say that everyone got on their flights safely, though sad to say goodbye. They had a great trip and hope everyone stays in touch!

PCA&B: This is San Francisco, baby!! Our PC crews have been basking in the glory of their successful trip and living it up in San Fran. We can assure you they did it right; cable cars, sightseeing, and In ‘n’ Out Burger aplenty are just some of the awesome things they’ve done  before saying goodbye today.

IMG_1374 pc1a 7-17 IMG_1376


IMG_1345 IMG_4325

ECC: Dave and Anna’s crew is doing great on their day off in Strasbourg. This wonderful city, right on the border with Germany, is a typical Alsatian town that reflects a mixture of French and German culture. They are now sleeping well after a day of sightseeing and excited (I’m assuming even in their sleep!) to cross into Germany tomorrow. Next up: Black Forest. Los geht’s!


ACC1: NOM NOM NOM! Nick and Josh are clearly excited about the spread today–looks good! We all know these riders work up quite the appetite, and they are obviously taking care of refueling. And don’t worry folks, Alexis has both a banana and a real cell phone, though it would be pretty cool if that were her actual method for checking in with us here at HQ.

photo 1 photo 2

ACC2: What to do during quick thunderstorms? Quick naps, of course! Mike and McKayla’s crew has been riding super strong and deserve those little cat naps! And they are impressively symmetrical. Once the rain stopped they were right back on the bikes. Tomorrow is a rest day, so they’ll get some quality laundry time. Yippee!