Day 21: Lots of Goodbyes

By Emily O’Connell

Today we bid a fond farewell to six trips. Our friends on the west coast, PCA & B and NWX, those exploring Montana on MSA, and our European travelers on AXA & B.  It’s hard to believe that all those guys are finishing 20 days together – they are all headed home with lots of stories, friendships and true pride in all the biking and hiking they accomplished!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ2):

The MCJ2 crew had a blast on their first full day together.  They got an early start today in order to reach their island accommodations in time for a hike and a picnic lunch. Rosa and Dixie report that everyone is settling in well and their trip is off to a fantastic start!MCJ2


Cape Cod and the Islands (CI2):

Yesterday Kevin and Alyssa’s group hopped on their bikes and headed to the town of Oak Bluffs where they did some exploring, enjoyed ice cream and rode the Flying Horses Carousel – the oldest carousel in America. After taking the ferry to Nantucket they hit the beach.  Today was “Challenge Day” and they rode more than 30 miles around almost the entire island of Nantucket! CI2


Vermont to Montreal A (VM2A):

We got our first picture from Jonathan and Jessi’s group before 10 o’clock this morning – and they had already put half their miles behind them! They are now all safely at camp and are starting to cook dinner. Today they rode through picturesque farmland and quiet country roads as they continued to make their way to Montreal. VM2A


Some laughter at dessert

Vermont to Montreal B (VM2B):

Yesterday Freddy and Anna’s group caught a huge crayfish while enjoying some downtime at camp yesterday, check out the monster in the photo below. Today, this VM gang got to complete a beautiful ride on a picture-perfect Vermont summer day. They rode 22 miles as they continue their journey north. The group was feeling strong as they rode through Middlebury’s campus. The trip is flying by and they are on track to reach Burlington in just two days!VM2B

VM2BQuite the catch

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX2):

Erinn and John’s group paddled back to the mainland this morning after wrapping up their time on their private island. They then headed towards the beautiful Acadia National Park where they will spend the next few days exploring.  These guys are very excited to lace up their boots as they switch gears from paddling to hiking.

IMG_4315.JPGWell, that’s cool!

California Mountains and Coast (CMC):

Matt and Midge’s crew has hit the road. Everyone is very excited as they are headed to Yosemite.  Today was a preparation day and was spent shopping for all the food they will being needing the next few days and packing up their backpacks with all their backcountry essentials. They’ll be camping in a backpackers-only campground tonight before strapping on their big packs and setting out from the Tuolomne Meadows area tomorrow morning!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Emily and Thomas’ group headed into the mountains today near Adjuntas to help “Casa Pueblo,” a terrific local community outreach organization, with their reforestation efforts. They got to hike around the preserve and learn about the natural resources that they were working to protect.  The group worked hard, but got to see some incredible sights as well.CSA2

Look at that view!



Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

There were tearful goodbyes today in Montana as Annika and Christian’s gang completed their trip this morning.  Though in the photo they are only smiles – you can’t help but smile when you’re wearing these sweet Apogee shirts.MSA1

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

Yesterday Becca and Will’s gang saw some great sights – including ye olde Space Needle. And, today they wrapped up their trip.  Although they are leaving the Northwest, they will never forget what an awesome time they had exploring some truly spectacular parts of the great northwest.  NWX2

Pacific Coast A (PC1A):

Another of our trips ending today.  Abby and West’s group finished up and headed out this morning! Unfortunately, they headed out before getting us a last picture… They definitely had something to celebrate today after riding over 600 miles from Oregon to San Francisco.

Pacific Coast B (PC1B):

The PCB-ers had an awesome final dinner last night at The Stinking Garlic in the North Beach area of San Francisco. They look excited for some good grub in the photo. This morning they all said their goodbyes and celebrated their trip before the short trip to SFO and the long flights home.PCB1


Alps Explorer A (AXA):

Early, early, early this morning eastern standard time our friends in Geneva said goodbye after an incredible 20-day journey together. Here are a few pics from their last day as they enjoyed some breathtaking views and one last sweet treat.


Alps Explorer B (AXB):

The AXB-ers bid adieu to the beautiful Alps and their great new friends as they finished up their trip this morning.  They leave with memories of spectacular views, incredible hikes and yummy pastries.  Tim and Ally, ahem, did not get us a very last picture. Chad tells me he’s taking it out of their salary…

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

As Jeanne and Kirk’s group rode along the shores of Lake Constance (or, the Bodensee, if you will…) in southern Germany today, they were all smiles.  The crew rode 75 km today continuing their eastward journey.  It hard to believe that this group only has 7 more days of riding ahead of them.ECCA

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

Posie and Postyn’s group had a big riding day today.  They successfully climbed some monster hills and then continued chugging right along to reach camp.  Their ride today had some beautiful scenery, including dense forests and German wheat fields.  These guys are making huge progress towards Venice!EECB


America Coast to Coast (ACC):

After a restful day yesterday, Mia and Chris’ crew hit the road bright and early in order to complete their relatively short 69-mile ride today. Looks like this group enjoyed some spectacular weather on their ride today from the picture below. They crushed their miles and were in by 2:00 PM!