Day 16: Fast Friday!

Susie here, blogging again after a few days out of the office (and up Mount Katahdin!). Garrett and I had a great time with the DEX crew up at Baxter, and now it’s onward to more trip ends, trip starts, great weather, and a whole new set of pictures. Today is a brief window where almost all of our leaders are out on trip–we should have lots of news as the next Cape and NEMC trips went out today, Vermont yesterday, and with our CQ and DEX trips finishing up this weekend. We can’t wait to hear all the good news and stories! We have a lot going on today, so let’s dive right in!

CI: Today Laura and Kirk are down on the Cape, ready to start their next trip! After a bit of a rainy run up in Vermont they are stoked to soak up some sun on the Islands, get their surf on, and have a great time with the next crew. Here’s a shot of the group taken by Kevin at the start:


VMA: VM A is out on their first day of riding and loving the amazing weather! They stopped for lunch at beautiful Lake Bomoseen! I have bomo-seen a bomo-great picture at Lake Bomoseen!


VMB: Victoria and Matt are having some picture-sending troubles, but I spoke with Matt and he reports high spirits and great riding on their first day on the bikes! He wrote: “Crushing it into camp early and goin’ swimming!” We’ll get pictures up if Matt is able to get them through the airwaves.

NEMC: Phil and Emma depart today with their second round of NEMC fun! They can’t wait to get to know their new group and start hitting those hills in New Hampshire! After an airport pickup this morning, Phil and Emma decided the only appropriate way to start off the drive would be with some selfies. And of course, the whole group!


CQA&B: Our Coast to Quebec groups both rode into Quebec City today! It’s a long day, but it is truly beautiful and ends with a gorgeous stretch along the St. Lawrence River before a big climb–“the hill”–into the city. On y va! Below is CQA on the ferry over to the city!  As of press-time, we have not received a celebratory, made-it-to-Quebec shot from Posie and Postyn, but we’ll do our best to put one up when it arrives this evening.


Update, Saturday morning! We got a ton of pictures in from CQB late last night! Here they all are:


DEX: I was just with DEX yesterday on top of the tallest mountain in Maine! We had foggy and damp weather at first, but while we were sitting on the summit the mist seemed to magically part and the view opened up before us. It was really a memorable hike. Plus, we met a thru-hiker at the summit who had just finished the Appalachian Trail! Today the DEXters are driving back to Portland to get some showers and hang out before their final dinners and goodbyes tomorrow morning. Here’s a full group shot once we caught Izzy and Garrett at the summit, plus one of the view:


CSA: Our CSA crew is now at the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge on the western part of the island. They are already getting their hands dirty doing some great work planting indigenous plant species. Here are a couple of great group shots from Hannah:


PCA: Ally just texted me from the California coast with only good things to report! Yesterday they had a day off to explore Mendocino and made omelettes for breakfast and homemade pizzas in the evening…mmmm!! Today they are back on the bikes, equipped with duct tape helmet decorations for extra visibility in the slightly foggy weather. Spirits are high, and the group is cruising! Ally has sent lots of photos:


Yesterday’s omelette chefs!

PC B: Mia and Jeremy’s crew had their day off in Mendocino today and are having a great time! Burgers anyone?


MSA: Our Montanans are riding the Going-to-the-Sun Road today! I have to apologize for holding yesterday’s park entrance photo hostage for so long yesterday… better late than never, right? Unfortunately their picture-sending abilities are still pretty bad (I can say that from experience) until they hit West Glacier. We’ll keep you posted!

Update, Saturday morning! We got pictures! Last night Kelly was able to get enough service to send in these awesome shots from Glacier, some from the service and some from Going to the Sun. Group shot at Logan Pass is especially great. Crossing the continental divide!


ACC 1: Nick sent this picture today, saying that it’s “guess your biker day.” We’re guessing this means parents are supposed to ID their kiddos in these nice ghost rider outfits. Lookin’ strong (and a little weird)! He also said they only had 22 miles to go at lunch–sounds like a lot, but by ACC standards that’s nothin’!


ACC 2: Mike and McKayla’s group is on their day off at the Wall’s and are so grateful for their generosity! Here are some pictures at the house:


Mike’s text, in its entirety:  “Paradise.”

ACC2(2) ACC2(3)

This biking across the country business is easy!

ECC: Our European Coast-to-Coasters are safely into Epernay, France, but weren’t able to wring enough juice out of the wifi to send a photo out today. They are riding through the heart of the Champagne region now (no tippling, we promise!) and are only a few days away from Strasbourg, France, where they will have another day off the bikes to explore.