Day 14 – On the Move

And a fine good evening to all you Apogee Parents, Friends, and Blog Readers.  My apologies for the late posting tonight.  Some great pictures today from almost all our groups in the field.  We’re missing images from 4 trips – Montana Service Adventure, California Mountains & Coast, Downeast Explorer and Tuscan Service Adventure – all of whom are out of cell reception or without wifi.

MSA spent today deep in the heart of Glacier National Park working with Park Rangers on a trail maintenance project.  We’ll do our best to get you a photo tomorrow if Addie, Josh and crew come into St. Mary, MT (where they have some cell reception).

CMC is backpacking in Yosemite National Park and emerges from their three night hike tomorrow.  They have a satellite phone for emergencies…but unfortunately that phone is camera-less.  We should definitely have an update (and hopefully picture) for you tomorrow.

TSA is enjoying a two night stay indoors in a centuries old Tuscan estate called Spannocchia.  Yes, it’s as spectacular as it looks from their website, and without a doubt their stay there will be one of the trip highlights. They’ll be doing some communtiy service on the estate tomorrow and will hopefully enjoy an afternoon swim in the pool.  Wifi there is a bit spotty…  We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Laura and Pat are able to get online tomorrow and send us some new pictures!

Last but not least, DEX is hiking the Appalachian Trail and emerges from their backcountry hike in Baxter State Park tomorrow.  Assuming there’s cell reception where they emerge in northen Maine, we’ll post a picture and update.

Now onto the trips with pics!

CQA:  Quebec, beautiful Quebec!  They crossed the border mid-morning and are now practicing their French skills (for better or worse) in St. Martin.  Two more days of riding to Quebec City!!

CQB:  These guys enjoyed spectacular weather and conditions rafting the Kennebec River today.  They also have just two more days of riding.  Keep it up!!

NEMC:  Leaving the northern woods of Maine, our NEMC crew spent this afternoon in our backyard volunteering their time with the Brunswick/Topsham Land Trust.  They worked on maintaining a trail for the Trust…and apparently moved some rocks to do it.  Here a few of the guys flexing their muscles for the camera.

VM:  Montreal!!  Yes, they made it safe and sound with a few minor route detours this morning (the Route Verte bicycle path they follow was under some new construction).  They got up around 5 AM and were on the bikes by 6:30 as they wanted to get to Montreal by noon.  I spoke to Pat around 1:30 PM, and he said they were showering up, collecting mail, and getting ready to walk around the city by foot.  Everyone was in great spirits.  Well done VM!

PCA:  Just got off the phone with Micah an hour ago, and he reported that they were about 8 miles from their campground for the night.  Some headwinds this afternoon slowed the group’s pace, but he said everyone was working hard and handling the added windy challenge with determination and good spirit.  They’re looking forward to volunteering some of their time tomorrow with California State Parks on a painting project.  And as far as what they’re doing below…I think they’re showing off their biker tans?  Or maybe spelling something?  I missed the memo when they sent the picture to us…

PCB:  Shem and Hannah’s group rode Avenue of the Giants yesterday and today, a spectacular road that cuts through Redwoods National Park.  Here’s the crew during one of their rest breaks.

CSA: Passing the time after some volunteering on Vieques Island – Texas Hold ‘Em with dried pasta.

ACCA:  A big thanks to the Walls Family for hosting our groups again this year in El Dorado!  David and Anna’s crew are looking forward to a well deserved rest day tomorrow.

ACCB:  And always last in the blog line up, but certainly never least, Mike and Danika’s crew made good time once again and are settled in for the night.  Here’s the group enjoying some eats this afternoon in Belzoni, Mississippi’s Lunch Basket Restaurant.  Fried chicken and other southern specialities were consumed with vim and vigor.