Day 14: Dive In!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA1): Freddy and Anna’s group of Glacier Gazelles enjoyed their gorgeous ride into the Glacier NP. The group will have the next two days to work with Rangers and rest their legs before they ride the Going-to-the-Sun Road on Friday.


Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE1): They’re off and running – or should we say, writing! Our MCCE’ers started their first full day together reviewing the college admissions process, focusing on the value of the essay and brainstorming potential topics to write about this coming week. They’ll balance their studious morning with an evening with Master Instructor Jaed, a campfire by the bay, and undoubtedly many laughs!


New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC1): Wow! These NEMC-ers have been absolutely crushing their miles and mountains! This morning, the crew got up at the crack of dawn to get an early start and avoid rainy weather to hike Mount Washington (their hardest hike of the trip). They’re all back down safe and sound after a great day on the mountain and a huge set of accomplishments for our young hikers.

6300 feet up, baby! And feeling fine!


Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX1A): It’s a day of fond farewells for our DEX1A group today as they got up early to have one final breakfast as a group. They had a great last day together yesterday, heading back south after many days in Baxter State Park, and they had amazing last night out in Portland last night.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX1B): After spending the past few days on the water, our DEX1B group was excited to be back on the mainland for hot showers and a trip into Portland last night. The group went out for a delicious final dinner in town, cried rivers of tears (seriously!), and had a great time looking back on the memories they made over the past two weeks.

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS1): It’s time to say “adios” to our beloved CRLS1 amigos. After two weeks of rainforest expeditions, sloths, and plenty of rice and beans, this group was really sad to see the adventure come to an end in San Jose early this morning. Note to parents: we’re pretty sure that your child will be happy to have something other than habichuelas y arroz on the menu for the next couple of weeks…

Coast to Quebec A (CQ1A): After 400 miles of cycling from southern Maine to Quebec, it’s safe to say that Emily and Kadin’s CQers group earned an amazing final day of exploring through old Quebec. The group made a delicious breakfast at the hostel, and got moving by foot through the beautiful cobblestone streets. The group is looking forward to a meal out on the town tonight! Rumors of poutine are afloat…

image2 (11)

Coast to Quebec B (CQ1B): Today is their final full day together as a group, and they spent the day enjoying a big breakfast at the hostel and then exploring the charming streets of Vieux Quebec together. They’ll have a great last dinner tonight out on the town before heading back to Freeport early tomorrow (and noting that it’s considerably faster in a van…).

IMG_5714 IMG_5711 IMG_5716

California Mountains & Coast A & B (CMC1A &B ): It’s time to say goodbye to the California coast for Isa & Dave’s and Jessi & Nick’s Mountain Minions. With a final wave to the Golden Gate bridge and a last dip of the toes into the Pacific, the crews enjoyed a nice final meal together in San Francisco. After endless hugs at the airport, they were all safely on their way back home – across all corners of the country!


Montana Service Adventure (MSA1): Freddy and Anna’s group of Glacier Gazelles enjoyed their gorgeous ride into the Glacier NP, and the group will have the next two days to work with Rangers and rest their legs before they ride the Going-to-the-Sun Road on Friday. Today they worked to clear out invasive species and water a burn area last season’s wildfire. This afternoon the group hiked around the park, and even explored some gorgeous waterfalls! 

image000002 (1)
Good grief, it’s pretty out there!
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Northwest Explorer (NWX1): Well, while we’re all here reading this blog DYING to get a glimpse into the magical views and laughs along the trail this group has shared over the last few days, our NWX’ers are settling in for their last night in the backcountry. Tomorrow they will enjoy trekking back to civilization with much lighter backpacks (after eating all of their food!) and new pictures and stories to share. We’ll hardly sleep tonight knowing that in a mere 24 hours we’ll have some undoubtedly stunning pictures coming our way from the Pacific Northwesters!

Pacific Coast A (PC1A): It’s a great day to be riding on the Pacific Coast – and even better when you get to hang out with Bonnie and Mike all day! These mean biking machines are taking on another big day of cycling with a 60-mile ride to their next campsite! The group had two big climbs today – including the infamous Leggett climb (four miles uphill!). They are crushing the miles as we’re going to press and we know folks are looking forward to a day of rest outside the gorgeous, coastal town of Mendicino. They’re making their way through an area with pretty terrible cell reception today, so no pictures by press time!

Pacific Coast B (PC1B): Lindsay and Spencer’s Coast Cruisers were up early this morning as they continued their way south down the infamous Avenue of the Giants. With some of the largest trees in the world on their left and right, it made for a spectacular ride. What’s better than a gorgeous ride? A birthday celebration! As one of our students turned 16 today, our amazing support staffer, Jack, surprised the group with a birthday cake at camp.


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX1): There was no lagging behind at all on the way to Laggan (get it?) for these Scottish skippers today. A gorgeous and gentle lakeside walk was paired with some delightfully dry weather as our hikers made their way around Loch Lochy. They shared in the glory of the nice weather today as well as in giggles inside the hostel this evening. No rain and they can’t complain!

Quaker Countdown at dinner in Gairlochy last night.

Alps Explorer (AX1): Through rain and shine, these gallant groupies experienced the true essence of the Italian Alps, complete with an authentic pizza dinner. After a rainy day yesterday into this morning, Mother Nature dropped dreamlike weather and views for this crew as they hiked into Courmayeur. Later at camp they got to enjoy pizza for both dinner AND dessert (Nutella pizza) – talk about the ultimate dream!

Excellent stream-crossing form, gang!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC): After a delightful dessert of macaroons to celebrate their first night in France, talented travelers crossed back into Belgium (on purpose, we promise…) today. How else to celebrate but with a whopping stack of Belgian waffles for dinner? Other highlights for this gang include arriving into Chimay at the exact time of 1:05 pm and really crushing their first day with hills of any real significance. Despite the afternoon rain, they all enjoyed the luxury of some long, hot showers before proceeding to chow down on an early dinner. In our humble opinion, some Maine maple syrup would make those waffles quite the tasty treat!


America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): These coast-to-coast cruisers were treated to some true Southern hospitality today with a stop at the home of our old, dear friends, the Walls. The Walls have been supporting Apogee trips for many years – and, as ever, provided great grub, pool time, and wonderful company for the group after their half-century ride this morning. With a rest day tomorrow they will have ample time for water activities and relaxation – perhaps with a synchronized swimming competition?

So beyond happy to be at the Walls after a tough week of riding!

America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): By valor and arms [Ed. Note: eh?], Lucy and Dixie led their troops through their last full day of riding in the “Magnolia State” of Mississippi. They had a mere 89 miles to put behind them today and they won’t be missing Mississippi (well, they might miss it – it’s a lovely place, but we think it sounds good to put it the way we did) when they enter into the “Natural State” tomorrow! (Hint, hint: we mean Arkansas).