Day 13 – Time Warp

Does it strike anyone else as baffling that we are just about two full weeks into the season? Perhaps you, Dear Reader, are not keeping track of days passing quite to the extent that we are up here, but we are convinced (convinced, I tell you!) that time has actually accelerated and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has come undone.

But, yes, we are nearly two weeks in. In fact, though it seems like our leaders just arrived for training, no fewer than four trips have already come and gone, leaving only a touch of sunburn, a mosquito bite or two, and very fond memories in their wake!

One of those trips, our Vermont Hiker trip, wrapped up today in Weston. After consuming entirely too much ice cream (see picture below) last night, the group had one final, trip-encompassing “A&P” before turning in, waking up, and rolling south to give a last hug and say a final goodbye.

Our Quebecers have now all had their passports stamped. Everyone is safe, sound, and in Canada — both groups will hit the city tomorrow. Before they get there, though, Emily and Pete’s group wanted to share the below picture of their American pride at the border. And Corley and Pete’s group found a sweet French-speaking waterfall up near St. Joseph.

Our Montana, NEMC and ACC trips have not checked in with us yet today — but not to worry, all is well. Our Montanans, out of cell phone range, will wrap up their Glacier National Park service project tomorrow. Our NEMCers, also out of cell phone range, are heading east out of the mountains tomorrow, so we’ll be hearing about the mountains they summitted and the waterfalls they jumped in as they make their way to the coast. And our Coast to Coasters hit yet another milestone today — crossing into Arkansas today — and over the mighty Mississippi! They are now four down — four to go.

Down in Puerto Rico — our groups were both on the trail and in the fields doing service today. Both groups only have one more day of service (tomorrow) before the trip starts to wind down (or, I should say, go out in a grand finale — replete with surfing, hiking, and cultural/historical/gastronomical exploration)!

That’s all for tonight — and we pre-apologize, but there is not likely to be a blog post tomorrow, as Apogee’s Intergalactic Task Force will be on the road and on the Cape getting our next batch of Cape trips started.