Apogee Bike Jerseys for Sale!!

Happy early spring to all!
Again in 2014, we’re making our sharp-looking, Apogee Bike Jerseys available for purchase to students and families.  In addition to the silver/white colored jersey we offered last year (see below), in 2014 we’re also offering the jersey in a high visibility yellow color (see 3D renderings below).  We want to make our kids as visible as possible when they’re riding and certainly think the new color design will help with that.
Daniel & Ben feeling cool and looking stylish in their Apogee Bike Jerseys last summer on Pacific Coast.
 And some of our 2013 leaders sporting their fine looking Apo jerseys during training last June. 
 Pictured below is a 3D render of our new high-viz yellow Apogee jersey in a men’s club cut.
 And a 3D render of a women’s cut.
The 2014 jerseys will be produced for us once again by Atayne, an outstanding local Maine business.  Atayne produces premium, sustainable outdoor clothing that is manufactured here in the US.  They’re a super company and are worth checking out in their own right at www.atayne.com.
The cost of an Apogee jersey is $75, which includes shipping.  Payment can be made by check (made out to Apogee) or by credit card (VISA or MC).
We’re pre-ordering the shirts, and they take 6 weeks to process.  Because of this, we need all orders submitted no later than noon on Friday, May 2nd.
To place an order OR for sizing information and questions, please email or call Kevin at kevin@apogeeadventures.com or 207.725.7025.