“Jordan got in the car at pick-up and the first words he said were “I think that was the best week of my life!”

- Jodi Levine, Avon, CT

“One of the best experiences of my life!”

- Isabella Caliandro, Concord, MA

“As a team, we conquered every challenge we faced, and had countless laughs along the way.”

- Kristen Thut, Birmingham, MI

“Nicole’s leaders not only gave her the gift of an amazing summer adventure, but also gave her “wings” to enter high school with the optimism & self confidence she could achieve anything.”

- Ellen Golden, Weston, FL

“Kudos to you once again for giving Alex a phenomenal experience.”

- Rebecca Walker, Lower Gwynedd, PA

“We were so impressed and happy with every major element of your operation of the trip. Maya had a great time and grew tremendously – due to Apogee’s high standards in every area.”

- Dana Linden, New York, NY

“Tristen came home a more mature, more communicative, more self-confident teenager. He’s already talking about next year – thank you!”

- Jodi Fekete, Springfield, NJ

“Every year the Apogee experiences become the high points of the year. Our kids have been teamed with extraordinary young women and men as their leaders and equally significant traveling companions.”

- Carla Manzi, Pleasantville, NY

“This trip was a fantastic experience for Alex! Thank you for running such terrific, character-building programs for young people.”

- Sheryl Klein, Palo Alto, CA

“I cannot say enough about the wonderful experiences my kids had with you this summer. They loved every minute of it!”

- Julie Gershon, West Hartford, CT

“This journey will shape Isobella for the rest of her life. She returned to us as herself – just a more mature and self-confident version.”

- Maria Stanton, Larchmont, NY

“Another great trip for Travis. You do a top-notch job creating meaningful, fun adventure trips. Apogee is 1st rate!”

- Lynne Seeley, Yarmouth, ME

“Fantastic leaders!  Jack and CC could not have been better role models for our son.  This is what really sets Apogee apart from other companies!!”

- Joy Denomme, Wellesley, MA

“We’re SO grateful we signed Philip up for that first Cape Cod trip so many years ago.  Our tradition of success with Apogee now continues with Alexander!”

- Carla Manzi, Pleasantville, NY

“Ryan came back more mature, more focused, and more confident.  The trip exceeded our expectations and his!”

- Cara Farrell, Avon, CT

“My leaders, Mason and Maddie, were super funny, supportive, & enthusiastic.  They were everything trip leaders should be!”

- Emma Curnin, Topsham, ME

“Leah had terrific things to say about her leaders, Tim and Jillian  This was an amazing trip for her, one that she will remember throughout her life!”

- Evan Yassky, Princeton, NJ

“Every summer Anna falls in love with her trip leaders, her fellow trip-mates and the places she visits.  We feel very lucky to have been introduced to Apogee, Kevin, Chad and the great experiences you provide!”

- Amy Bruning, Concord, MA

“The entire Apogee organization – from the Directors to the Leaders – made Libby’s trip such a positive experience for our family.  We really appreciated your willingness to accommodate Libby’s food allergies – she had a phenomenal time!”

- Janet King, Yarmouth, ME

“When I picked Samuel up, his first words were, “those were the best two weeks of my life!”

- Jane Anderson, Natick, MA

“We are always so impressed with your fabulous leaders, great organization, attention to detail and excellent communication!”

- Carol Eisenberg, Peak's Island, ME

“Apogee isn’t just a company – it’s a family of incredible people!”

- Emily Sturtevant, Freeport, ME

“Emily’s entire trip was fantastic!  Her leaders were again phenomenal.  That’s what really sets Apogee apart from other programs!”

- Jane Parker, Yarmouth, ME

“My leaders, Hannah and Shem, were responsible and fearless, caring and compassionate.  They were just incredible!”

- Noah Seligman, Ft Lauderdale, FL

“I loved everything about the trip from the challenges we completed as a group to my AMAZING leaders!”

- Annika Elwell, Cornwall Bridge, CT

“Laura had an incredible time – from the physical aspects of the trip to the warm and supportive relationships she developed with her leaders and trip mates.  She felt safe, accepted and inspired!”

- Irene Franklin, Ridgefield, CT

“Without a doubt, Kyle’s three Apogee trips are among the highest points of his life experiences!  Thank you for creating meaningful summer adventures and exceeding in the delivery of your commitments each and every time!”

- Susan Sakach, Blue Bell, PA

“Everyone and everything about Apogee Adventures is terrific!”

- Sandi Seablom, Westfield, NJ

“Apogee was incredible!  What was really amazing to me was that when Kevin met us at the trip’s end, he knew my name and my story.  This meant a lot because you could tell that the people who work for Apogee really care and want everyone to have a great experience.”

- Andrea Mahieu, Westport, CT

“Home Run! The first-time bike trip provided a fantastic experience for our son.  The great people at Apogee ensured execution.  And the excellent group chemistry was the cherry on top!”

- Lynn Berner, Shaker Heights, OH

“Another fantastic Apogee adventure for our family!  We feel so fortunate to have you guys in our summer plans!”

- Nancy Rau, McLean, VA

“Apogee was an amazing find!  A huge thank you to Giuseppe’s leaders, Mia and Alex, for their outstanding leadership and dedication to their group of students.   Giuseppe is already planning his next trip with Apogee!”

- Jenifer Chartoff, Milan, Italy

“Elina had a fabulous 1st experience with Apogee!   Kudos to the excellent and inspiring leaders you chose to lead her group.”

- Cynthia Dechenes, Brunswick, ME

“Emma came home from Apogee more excited and energized than in all our years of sending her to various summer programs.  Thank you!!”

- Elizabeth Boehme, Houston, TX

“My leaders, Anna and Dave, were incredible.  They knew exactly how to be responsible, have fun, keep me motivated, and lead a fantastic trip!”

- Rebecca Goggin, Concord, MA

“Liz’s four summers with Apogee have been terrific, character developing experiences.  Thank you for providing and organizing such wonderful adventures for our daughter!”

- Sturdy Waterman, Dover, MA

“An unforgettable experience!  We love being a part of the Apogee family!”

- Linda Straley, Ridgefield, CT

“Even though it’s cliché, my ACC trip really was the experience of a lifetime!   Thank you for organizing the best trip ever!”

- Sophia Rodd, Dubai, UAE

“Ryan described TSA as his “best trip yet.”  We are not only always amazed by Apogee’s high quality of leaders but also by the amazing participants you attract!!”

- Kay Miranda, Farmington, CT

“Daniel grew so much on his MSA trip.  I know I say this to you guys every year – but what a great experience for him!”

- Amy Cook, Westwood, MA

“Emily comes back each year having grown in so many ways from her Apogee experience.  Three trips in and she’s still asking for more!  You guys just get it right – from the screening for compatible, nice kids to the well-organized trip details to the hiring and training of outstanding  leaders.  Well done!!”

- Alex Bates, New York, NY

“My leaders, Kelly and Garth, were clearly passionate about their jobs.  They were fun and kind and loved by all of us.  They connected with every kid and were awesome leaders!”

- Emma Westwater, Carlisle, MA