“Abby and Reuben were both amazing leaders. They were fun and entertaining and made us all feel like we were one big happy family!”

- Nova Ambrose, Freeport, Me

“The personal growth Ellie experienced, and the things she discovered about herself during her ACC trip are priceless. It’s amazing what can happen when life is stripped down to the basics and the noise of the media is silenced! A perfect environment for a child, or anyone, to blossom.”

- Laura Towle, St. Louis, MO

“Our entire experience with Apogee was great from start to finish. Every detail of the trip was so well thought out and accomplished.”

- Randi Goetzinger, Weston, FL

“John and Izzy were not just wonderful leaders, but they were fun and fantastic friends!”

- Rob Saburn, Basking Ridge, NJ

“I absolutely loved my leaders, and I can’t think of two better role models. They were responsible, fun, and all around amazing people!”

- Jessie Kravet - Larchmont, NY

“Rachel had a fabulous time! What a great experience for her – to be away from the comforts of home, to realize that she could live well with so much less, to gain confidence, and to make new friends. She really, really enjoyed it! Thank you!”

- Lisa Blatt, Washington DC

“We wouldn’t change a thing about Abigail’s experience! I think that as she reflects over the years about her summers growing up, this trip will be a real highlight.”

- Margaret Young, Pelham, NY

“Very simply put – Apogee is the BEST!”

- Marci Frankenthaler, Scarsdale, NY

“Gretchen’s leaders for the last two summers have been amazing. They have helped her to feel included and taught her valuable life skills and lessons.”

- Beth Langenbahn, Cincinnati, OH

“We are always so impressed with Jackson’s enthusiasm and excitement about everything he accomplishes with Apogee. He consistently comes back a better version of himself!”

- Madeleine Chasen, Mechanicsville, VA

“Apogee did an amazing job developing a sense of community and challenging my son physically and mentally. His experience was life changing!”

- Sharon Hindes, Westfield, NJ

“Eli has had many summer group experiences, but Apogee was, by far, the most positive, challenging, and fun. He returned from his trip not only happy and strong, but with a confidence and awareness that has stayed with him. Keep up the great work!”

- Liz Knapp, Boulder, CO

“Both of Jenna’s Apogee trips have been unique, fun, exciting, and challenging. Thank you for giving her wonderful life experiences!

- Diane Lincoln, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

“You’ve set up a program that clearly instills confidence and independence in kids in a comfortable, respectful, and nurturing environment.”

- Jessica Travelstead, Litchfield, CT

“My leaders were enthusiastic, fun, and inclusive. They pushed us to do our best while being supportive and helpful. We all adored them!”

- Basil Frost, Somerville, MA

“Brilliant leaders, great fun, achievable but real challenge level. Samantha came away with a real sense of people, value, and mutual team achievement.”

- Alison Cowley, Sewickley, PA

“MCJ was a perfect introduction to a “sleep away” camp for Thomas. He came home more grown up and aware of his capabilities to do things for himself.”

- Elizabeth Sykes, Sewickley, PA

“We had high hopes – and the trip far surpassed our expectations. The best part was that Simon was able to bring his true self and find joy in every moment of the trip!”

- Alyssa Bigay, Concord, MA

“Katie had the best time! The teamwork, the food, the organization, and especially your leaders were all so impressive!”

- Jane Bernstein, Larchmont, NY

“Thank you, Apogee, for our third summer of the most uplifting, bonding, and supportive growth experiences we could imagine. Pure joy!!!”

- Alison Fife and Mario Teixiera, Wellesley, MA

“Once again, Apogee has proven to be by far the BEST organization that we have ever known!! Thanks for giving my children the best summers of their lives!!”

- Tali Kwatcher, Dover, MA

“Alps Explorer was Daniel’s best Apogee trip to date! The physical challenge was exciting and rewarding, and he made such great connections with the kids in the group. He came home full of fun, exciting stories to share!”

- Doug Kramer, Concord, MA

“From start to finish, our Apogee experience was top notch from the communication and responsiveness of the office, to the quality of the program and leaders. We couldn’t be happier!”

- Lenore Baker, Huntington, NY

“This was Ajed’s third Apogee trip and each time he returned more mature, independent, articulate, and happy!”

- Linda Hanway, Larchmont, NY

“Jake’s Apogee experience was fabulous! He loved the challenge, the group social interactions, and service work. He clearly carries a little Apogee with him each day.”

- Tracy Ringgold Seem, Ridgefield, CT

“Henry’s trip was everything we’d hoped for. He came home brimming with confidence – the sense of physical accomplishment was huge, but more importantly, he went off on his own for the first time, and came home with a tight community of friends.”

- Eloise Patterson, Lincoln, MA

“You guys did a superb job! This was a perfect experience for our child!”

- Rachel Greenfeld, Atlanta, GA