Southwest Singletrack

Challenge Level (1-10):  6

Trip Details

  • Trip Start: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Trip End: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Age Range: 14 - 16
  • Trip Dates: 6/25 - 7/07, 7/11 - 7/23, 7/27 - 8/08
  • Tuition: $3795 (airfare not included)

Trip Highlights

  • Ride the West’s beautiful, rolling, singletrack trails
  • Volunteer with a local community group in Fruita, Colorado
  • Whitewater raft in scenic Moab, Utah with professional guides
  • Celebrate & explore in Park City, Utah

Trip Overview

Colorado and Utah offer the best singletrack mountain biking in the country – and we’re going to ride the highlights! Your adventure begins among the extensive bike trails that criss-cross the area around spectacular Park City, Utah. Then it’s off to Colorado, where we’ll explore some of the country’s greatest trails against Fruita’s stunning desert landscapes. Next up: Moab, Utah. In this wildly popular outdoor destination, we’ll test our biking skills on the iconic red rock trails and raft the Colorado River. We’ll celebrate back in Park City, full of great memories and rides from our epic biking adventure! 

Mountain Biking in the Wasatch Range

Mountain Biking in the Wasatch Range

After arriving in Salt Lake City, we’ll head east into the Wasatch Mountain range, home to beautiful, vibrant Park City. Here, over the next two days, we’ll check out some of the extensive mountain bike trail networks that surround the town. Pedaling through the aspens and sagebrush, we’ll catch great vistas of the surrounding mountains and whet our appetite for the riding to come.

Singletrack Trails in Fruita, Colorado

Singletrack Trails in Fruita, Colorado

From Park City, we’ll pack up our bikes and take off for the great state of Colorado. We’ll set up camp for the next four days near the high desert town of Fruita, which is lauded for some of the greatest trails in the country. We’ll glide around banked turns and cruise the beautiful rolling terrain as we explore the desert landscape. In the afternoons, we’ll have time to hop in a nearby swimming hole or grab some ice cream to cool off from our mornings of shredding on the trails.

Rafting and Riding in Moab, Utah

Rafting and Riding in Moab, Utah

After three days of thrilling riding in Fruita, we’ll make our way to the mountain biking hub of Moab, Utah. First things first, we’ll swap bike shorts for swim suits and spend an afternoon whitewater rafting on the Colorado River with professional guides. We’ll cap off our riding experience by tackling trails around Moab, with the red rock cliffs towering around us. Our last day together will be spent exploring back in Park City, where we will celebrate our riding accomplishments and spend time reliving memories from our unforgettable rides.

Trip FAQs

Please see our General FAQ page for many more frequently asked questions and answers!

Does my child need to have mountain biking experience to sign up for this trip?

Yes. They certainly don’t need to be expert mountain-bikers, but we are requiring students to come with some previous mountain bike experience, since this trip is not built to teach the fundamentals of mountain biking. Our trip leaders will be experienced mountain bikers, and will be instructing students along the way (especially with tips on how to manage some of the technical aspects specific to the southwest), but they won’t be teaching mountain biking skills from scratch.

Are bicycle rentals available? Can I bring my own bike if I want to?

If you’d like to rent, we’re partnering with a bike shop in Park City to provide rentals of full-suspension mountain bikes. If you have a sweet rig of your own that you want to bring out to the southwest, that’s okay, too. We will provide details on where to ship your bike if you want to bring your own. Please note that rental fees and the costs associated with packaging, shipping, and assembling your bicycle are not included in the tuition cost. If you want to rent, but want to bring your own pedals and saddle, that can also be arranged.

To check trip availability, please call 207.725.7025, or email for more information.