Day 5: Jumping into July!

As I (Susie) said my monthly “rabbit rabbit” upon waking up this morning, I couldn’t believe we are already halfway through 2013! The month of fireworks, hot days, beach visits, hikes, and general summer fun is here, along with the high point of the Apogee season. Here at HQ things are suitably hot and sticky… Read more »

Day 4: Sunday Sunshine

Sunday greetings to you all!  We’ve got a lot going on in the wide world of Apogee today, my friends, and I spent entirely too long yesterday waxing quasi-poetic.  So let’s get to it, shall we? CI:  It was service day out on the Vineyard, and Noah and Rosa’s hearty few dug into their time… Read more »

Day 3: Living the Dream!

Another day, another destiny!  We’re waaay into it now, faithful blog readers.  As of this afternoon, we have eleven trips in the field, with four more to come over the next three days before we’re fully engaged across nine time zones.  Kevin and I (Chad) were at our Maine’s Downeast Explorer trip start in Freeport… Read more »

Day 2: We’re Flying!

Susie here, blogging from mission control in Brunswick! I’ll be in the office this summer after three years as an Apogee student, one previous year on support staff, and one year leading in 2012. My blog-writing skills might not be quite up to par in comparison with Chad, the blog guru of Apogee HQ, but… Read more »