On the Importance of Summertime Teen Community Service

Good day to you, Community-Minded Citizens of the World!

As our 2011 season is well under way, and we field eager inquiries from all over the States and beyond about our programs, we are hearing more and more questions about how we incorporate community

Whoo-hoo – Incentives & Updates!

Well, hello Wide World of Apogee!   A very Happy New Year to new and returning blog readers!

I wanted to update you all on several incentives we have launched during this winter’s application season.   As many of you know, we will be on the road through much of the next month doing slide presentations throughout the country.   We certainly

The New Website is …. Live!

Good morning, World of Apogee!

I’m delighted to tell you that the new website launched overnight.  Kevin and I hope that you enjoy taking a closer look at the great slides on the home-page and all of the internal pages (where you’ll notice the biggest differences).  We’re very happy with the clean,


Tuscan Service Adventure & Vermont to Montreal – Catalog & Website Updates

World of Apogee – Greetings! As our Italian friends would say, whilst walking through any of their fine airports, “Attenzione, prego!” Attention, please!

As many of you know, we’re offering two new trips this summer, the largely introductory “Vermont to Montreal” bike tour for students 13-15; and the more challenging “Tuscan Service Adventure” – also a bike tour – for students 15-18. We’ve already had a ton of interest in both trips, but you won’t find their trip pages on the web sites just yet (they are both described in our brand new 2011 catalog, though — alumni families should have received theirs already — new families, please give us a call or email to receive yours). We should have our re-tooled website, which will include trip pages for both new trips, up by December 10 or 11…