At Apogee, we pride ourselves on attracting the very best leaders in the business. Through years of experience, we’ve found that applicants who are responsible, level-headed, and adaptable make the best trip leaders and staff members. Our leaders thrive on challenge, enjoy living in the outdoors, and love working with young people. Working with Apogee presents an outstanding opportunity to see the world, inspire young people, and realize your own leadership potential.

NOTE: We have concluded our hiring for the 2018 season and hope to hear from you next year!

Apogee’s Minimum Qualifications:

  • Age 21 or older by June 2019*
  • Responsible, motivated, adaptable, and hard-working
  • Excellent decision-making and risk management skills
  • Prior positive leadership experience
  • Prior positive experience working with young people
  • Eager to work and live simply in the outdoors
  • Fit and healthy
  • Dynamic, adventurous, and an outstanding role model
  • Minimum certification requirements – before the summer, you must be certified in Wilderness First Aid or as a Wilderness First Responder, depending on which trips you are leading. If you are not already, 2019 staff will be certified as lifeguards as part of our leader training in June.

* The majority of Apogee’s staff members are at least 21 years old. However, we do have a limited number of staff positions available to highly-qualified 20 year-old applicants.

We work hard to take great care of our leaders before, during, and after the trip season. Your compensation will be in the top range of other teen-oriented outdoor adventure companies. We will cover all of your food and lodging costs while you are working with us. You will also be able to take advantage of Apogee’s negotiated pro-deals with outstanding outdoor gear companies.

Apogee is an equal-opportunity employer.


There are three required components to an Apogee Summer Staff Application:

  • Complete our online 2019 Summer Staff Application
  • Submit a current resume and cover letter:
    • Please upload these documents to your CampInTouch account after submitting your application. Log in to CampInTouch by clicking here (or using the “Login” link at the top of the page), navigate to the Forms & Documents section, and upload PDF versions of your Cover Letter and Resume. If you have any problems uploading these documents, please send them to
  • Complete an in-person interview:
    • Please note that we require an in-person interview as part of the application process (we are not able to conduct Skype interviews or otherwise make exceptions for applicants unable to meet in person). The interview must be conducted before the application deadline. Apogee cannot guarantee every applicant an interview.
    • Please refer to our recruitment schedule to see if Apogee will be visiting your school. Applicants who meet our minimum qualifications do not need to have completed our online application before attending an info session or scheduling an on-campus interview.
    • If Apogee is not coming to your school or a school in your area, please contact us at We would be happy to discuss interview opportunities with you.

Questions? Please email us anytime at or give us a call at 207-725-7025.

2019 Leader Recruiting Calendar

Our recruiting for the 2019 season will begin this fall. Stay tuned for more information – Information Session times and locations will be updated as we obtain more specifics!

Please contact our office at or your career center with any questions about the Information Session or how to sign up for an interview. In general, interviews will take place the morning following the Information Session.

If you are not able to attend an info session but are still interested in interviewing, please contact our office to receive an electronic version of the Information Session and to schedule an interview.


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I’m not an outing club type – in fact, I don’t even know whether my school has an outing club – but this looks great. Should I even bother applying?

Absolutely! While we love our outing club friends, we find that some of our very best leaders come from all corners of campus. As long as you demonstrate great decision-making and leadership skills and you love working with kids, we’d love to talk to you.

see you’re coming to recruit leaders at my school, do I need to fill out your application before I interview?
No. Students at the schools we’re visiting who meet our minimum qualifications are welcome to interview with us without having filled out the application ahead of time. We do ask that you submit your resume through your school’s career services office or bring a resume to your interview.

How do I schedule an interview at my school?
In general, there are a couple of ways to go about scheduling an interview and they often vary by school. In most instances, you can have your pick of available interview slots by working through your school’s career services office or you can take a remaining slot by signing up at our info session (on-campus interviews are scheduled for the day following our evening info sessions).

I’m abroad this semester. I’m the perfect candidate. Can you please interview me over Skype? 
Sorry, but we can’t. In-person interviews are fundamental to the application process.

So where am I going to be working, anyway? Can I apply to lead a specific trip?
Taking the questions in reverse order – you are more than welcome to request a specific trip in your application, but there is no guarantee that you will be hired to lead that trip. While we occasionally send first-year leaders out west or to more distant locales, first-year leaders can usually expect to lead trips in the northeast.

When does the summer end?
The Apogee summer wraps up in the middle of August – the specific date will depend on your position.

Where is staff training?
In and around fabulous Brunswick, Maine.

20150615_apogee_28 (2)

When does staff training start?
2018 Leader Training will begin on Monday, June 11th, 2018.

What does staff training entail?
Staff training is an intense, focused combination of hard-skill and soft-skill training. You’ll learn how to deal with common problems on trip; learn how to cook tasty, nutritious meals; become certified as a lifeguard; and depending on what you are leading, get great mechanical training from biking professionals and/or re-visit the fundamentals of safe hiking and backcountry living. After the “classroom” portion of your training is complete, you’ll hit the road or the trails with your peers for a multi-day training trip in the field. While it’s fast-paced, most leaders would agree that staff training is a highlight of the summer.

Does Apogee provide food and housing during staff training, between trips, and after trips?

Yes. And the food is good, too!

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Is transportation provided to Brunswick, Maine?
No. However, we will very likely be able to pick you up at the airport or bus station if you’re not driving.

Does Apogee provide equipment?
You will bring your own personal gear with you (clothing, sleeping bag, etc.), and we’ll send you a detailed list of what you’ll need before the summer. Apogee provides tents for all trip leaders as well as bikes and panniers (bike saddlebags) for bike trip leaders.

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What should I pack?
Apogee will provide you with a detailed, trip-specific packing list before the summer begins.

Can I store my belongings while I’m away from Brunswick?
Yes. There is a limited amount of space to store personal belongings while leaders are away.

Can I bring my car?
We certainly encourage car-pooling and public transportation, but yes, you will be able to leave your car in Brunswick while on trip.



While at Apogee I learned more about myself in a summer than I ever imagined possible. Surrounded by passionate, intelligent, and kind leaders, I turned my hobby for the outdoors into a lifelong passion. From witnessing sunrises that take your breath away to endlessly laughing around a campfire with remarkable students on an island off the coast of Maine, I couldn’t imagine a place I would rather be than with Apogee. The environment and philosophy that Chad and Kevin cultivate lets leaders create lasting friendships, confidence, and memories.  I’ve yet to find a community that fosters self-growth, inspiration, resilience, and compassion as much as the Apogee family does.


Leading for Apogee this summer was a dream come true. I went on two Apogee trips as a participant, Vermont Hiker and Northwest Explorer, and I always looked up to my leaders. As a student, Apogee was my first experience with the outdoors, and it has shaped my life and the independent path I have taken. It gave me the leadership skills and confidence I needed to pursue rigorous outdoor programs and return to be a leader. Now as a leader, being able to share this with kids and my amazing co-leader was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Apogee is truly unique in that you can be challenged, make mistakes, succeed, and grow as a person – all in beautiful places. Chad and Kevin are the best bosses you could imagine, and all of the leaders are some of the most kind, charismatic, selfless, strong individuals I have ever met. Apogee is a family and I am, who I am, because of how much I have grown through my experience of being loved and supported by it.


Working for Apogee is some of the most fun I’ve had outdoors, as well as the hardest, most rewarding work I’ve ever done. The Apogee staff, just like every Apogee group, treats each other like family. While leading trips, you’re constantly barraged with love and support from the Brunswick office. The office is full of veteran leaders that understand what you are going through and are genuinely care about you and your experience. Apogee leaders grow over a summer at least as much as the kids on trips do.


Spending the summer leading with Apogee was one the most valuable and rewarding experiences I have had. Working with kids on these trips was fulfilling, humbling, and exhausting in the best ways. Each day brought a new chance to watch students push themselves and grow in ways they never thought they could. The Apogee community is a rare one, and the supportive office environment is truly unparalleled. I feel lucky in that I left in August not only with a sense of pride for my work but also with a new group of best friends!


Working with Apogee was incredibly valuable to me because it enveloped me in a community of inspirational, dedicated and fun-loving individuals that quickly meshed into a wonderfully cohesive family. I learned so many new things and developed countless new skills, all while working in a stunning area with people that I loved, and I returned from that summer more confident and competent in so many respects. Chad, Kevin, and the Assistant Directors are so welcoming and understanding, not to mention passionate about the trips and the students; being surrounded by that kind of encouraging environment truly makes working for Apogee an amazing treat. It is such a wholesome and rewarding summer experience, and I am confident that the bonds I formed with my co-leader, students and peers will continue to influence me in infinitely many, unforeseeable ways.


My summer spent working for Apogee was a dream come true. The values Apogee endorses permeate the culture and were reflected to the highest standard in all of my amazing co-workers. It was an incredible experience getting to meet and work alongside such smart, kind, motivated, and humble individuals. While working for Kevin and Chad, it is impossible to not throw yourself entirely into the job. The amount of love and diligence these guys pump into every aspect of the company is remarkable. Apogee truly is a family, and phenomenal one at that.