America Coast to Coast

America Coast to Coast


Challenge Level: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pickaxe & Shovel
Trip Highlights
  • Cycle the Deep South
  • See small town America
  • Cross the Rocky Mountains & Continental Divide
  • Volunteer in Arizona
  • Swim in the warm waters off San Diego
America Coast to Coast Route Image
Trip Details
  • Trip Start: Charleston, SC, USA
  • Trip End: San Diego, CA, USA
  • Age Range: 15 - 18
  • Trip Dates: 6/30-8/11, 7/02-8/13
  • Tuition: $6195
    (airfare not included)

EPIC. That’s the only way to describe biking America Coast to Coast. There is absolutely no better way to see America – its people, culture and landscape – than to take a guided cross country bike trip, ocean to ocean. Although reaching the Pacific is your end goal, the true magic of this trip takes place along the way. You’ll feel the hospitality of the Deep South and take in the wide open spaces of western Texas. In New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains will challenge and inspire you. You’ll cross Arizona’s desert landscape and hear the call of Southern California’s warm waters and sandy beaches. You’ll cross a continent. And what’s the price for seeing America’s beauty and diversity in such intimate detail on this challenging bike trip for teens? Hard work. Together, like a family, your group will push limits both physically and mentally. You’ll tap resources you didn’t even know you had and learn what you’re made of. This trip will be one of the richest and most rewarding experiences of your life. It will change you forever.

The Deep South & The Plains

We’ll meet in Charleston, South Carolina and spend the first day checking over gear and preparing for our trip. As tradition dictates, we’ll dip our wheels in the Atlantic Ocean and begin our westward journey. Both nervous and excited, we’ll quickly build up to our daily average of 85 miles. We’ll travel rural back roads, past small towns and bayous, and see the authentic Deep South. We’ll continue west into Arkansas and the Texas plains. In Texas, the land opens up, the sky broadens, the air is drier, and the horizon stretches out into the distance.

The Rockies, Community Service & San Diego

One prairie town after another, we make our way to New Mexico and anticipate the Rocky Mountains ahead. The Rockies offer challenging climbs and stunning beauty. Before dropping down into the desert, we’ll spend a day off our bicycles volunteering in Prescott, Arizona. From there, we head toward Southern California and our final destination, San Diego. Seeing the Pacific Ocean will bring a mix of emotions: tears, stunned silence, whooping yells… Together we have crossed the entire country on our own power. We have overcome enormous trials and made lifelong friends. We have been tested. We have succeeded.  We have biked America Coast to Coast!


This is Apogee’s most challenging trip and is designed for fit, motivated & enthusiastic students.

DAILY MILEAGE:  80 (with a few days as high as 100+)


To check trip availability, please call 207-725-7025 or email for more information.